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Serve Your Food With Style With Our Food Truck Wraps

Throughout the bustling communities of New York and New Jersey, food carts and trucks have quickly become some of the most popular eating options for those on the go. These types of mobile restaurants are a great way to sell food without incurring the high costs required to open a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. Every food cart and truck is a brand with both a reputation and a need to communicate with the public. No one makes food the way you do. So why shouldn’t your mobile eatery have a look that’s as unique and mouth-watering as your cuisine?

Pixel Wraps is a full-service fleet graphics company and works with food truck owners throughout all five boroughs in NYC and New Jersey. Our wrap experts are here to assist our clients throughout the process of creating their custom wraps and beyond. Take the first step towards upgrading your food truck by contacting Pixel Wraps.

We Wrap Food Trucks and Carts in NYC and NJ areas

We Wrap Food Trucks and Carts in NYC and NJ areas

A vinyl food truck wrap provides an individualized, semi-permanent design for your truck’s exterior. It often has graphics with your business name, food offered, menu, contact information, or artwork that matches the restaurant’s aesthetic. Because vinyl wraps are temporary, they can also be updated as the business evolves.

The experts of Pixel Wraps can print any existing design onto your wraps, or start from scratch with your ideas to create printed vinyl graphics related to your food truck’s brand. We can also print and install any completed designs if you have your graphic design artist, though most businesses choose us to handle the complexities of the design.

Things To Consider While Getting A Food Truck Wrap

Food trucks often need a bold look to stand out, especially in busy areas like Manhattan and Brooklyn. The design should be visible from a distance, whether through vibrant colors or well-sized text. It should also convey what type of food customers can expect from the truck. Many food trucks and carts choose to incorporate their contact information and menus into the design

The design must also be to the dimensions of your food truck. These dimensions are mostly determined from a blueprint of the truck or cart that is often available from the manufacturer. During the process, the designer should take into account curves and moving parts on the truck, such as doors and shutters for the service window.

Specifications and Customization options for Vinyl Food Truck Wraps

The vinyl film used for vehicle wrapping is a cast vinyl, named because it is made by pouring liquid in a thin layer into a mold. Unlike other vinyl, this process helps the vinyl not hold to one shape and meld to whatever surface it adheres. It allows the wraps to follow the curves of a food truck without creases.

3M, Oracal, and Avery are the producers of this type of vinyl film. Their products are durable, designed to last around five years after installation depending on the environment where the food truck is driven and stored. Sun, rain, and pollution can degrade the wrap, although indoor storage and regular cleaning are generally enough to keep the wrap in good condition.

For each food truck or food cart wrap, several options are there to customize the vinyl film into a unique look. These include:


Food trucks can be completely covered or covered only in part. A partial wrap can include any design – a logo, a menu, an artistic detail, and more. They can be small decals or a half panel. The vinyl is cut to create a precise edge around the graphic.


Another option that will not entirely cover the vehicle is vinyl lettering. Letters are individually cut out of vinyl, usually with your business’s name, menu, or phone number, as well as DOT numbers. These letters can be printed from a variety of colored vinyl sheets, including several different shades and metallics. We can also print on clear wraps, which add longevity to the lettering.


Graphics options are limitless. A digital design file is printed onto the film with large format, inkjet printers. Colors can be replicated in many shades through the colors possible with latex inks.


Choices for finishing options include matte or glossy. There is also the option of laminating over the graphics to provide protection and longevity. Because many food truck wraps are expected to be used in the long term (rather than other vehicles that are likely to switch the design often, this can be an advantage.

Vinyl film manufacturers produce several different options for vehicle wraps. You can choose the wrap based on whether it will be temporary or semi-permanent, whether it will have printed graphics, be used as a decal or full wrap, and the weather conditions a business owner expects.

Installation, Maintenance, and Removal of Food Cart Wraps

Placing the vinyl wrap onto a food truck or food cart requires precision for a clean installation. When complete, a vinyl wrap should have a paint-like appearance and look permanent. This requires careful alignment and an installation process that removes any bubbling. Pixel Wraps are professional 3M certified installers that can easily install your wraps for you with precision.

After the installation is done you can easily maintain the wraps yourself. They can be cleaned through handwashing or in a brushless car wash when needed. Stains from bird droppings or fuel should be wiped off immediately. For more extensive maintenance, such as scratches to the vinyl, we can perform small fixes and spot repairs.

Like installation, vinyl food truck wraps should also be removed by a professional. This prevents any damage to the paint beneath if heat has caused the vinyl to melt or otherwise attach to the paint. Pixel Wraps is happy to provide food truck wrap removal services for a nominal fee, whether or not you’re getting a replacement.

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Get Started With Pixel Wraps Today

Whatever kind of food you sell and whatever type of vehicle you sell it from, a custom wrap can take your food truck from just another vehicle to an unmissable mobile restaurant. Pixel Wraps has the tools, equipment, and expert skills to transform your truck. We also recognize that for many food trucks, your vehicle is your business, so we treat it with care and work quickly to get you back on the road.

Contact our team at (718) 648-6500 so that we can learn more about your business and design ideas. When you’re ready, we can create your custom food truck wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any benefits of food cart wraps?

Sure there are. You can get any type of graphics printed on your wrap, it can be your menu or any other catchy graphics that will attract your customers wherever you go. It is also cost-effective and also protects your vehicle.

Can I get my business photos on my wrap?

You sure can. When you request a wrap, you can send in the graphics that you want to get printed on your wrap and we can print them for you.

Can I use my own artwork and pictures for food cart wrapping?

Sure, We can utilize your existing designs and photos, provided if they are enough of high resolution to be reproduced at the size required for your food cart wrapping.

Food Cart Wraps Help to Increase Sales or not?

Food cart wrapping adds personalization to business with brand awareness with greater visibility.

How do I maintain the wrap?

Wraps are easy to maintain, all you have to do is wash your vehicle and rub off any dust or any grease that might be there using soap solution and a soft brush and then washing it off with cold water.

My food truck is scratched. Can the wrap cover them?

We sure can. Wraps are usually a great way to cover the scratches on your vehicles but if the scratches are corroded they can damage the wrap.