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Van, Bus, Trailers, and Other Types Of Wraps Company In Staten Island

Whether you like a personal vehicle wrap or commercial truck or trailer wrap for your moving company, Pixel Wraps is a truck wrapping company in Staten Island that can help you out through all the steps from the designing to the maintenance and removal of your wrap.

Our wraps can transform your vehicle into 24/7 high-impact advertising. For many years, Pixel Wraps has been an important part of the advertising business. According to the studies, vehicle wraps are the best way to spend your marketing budget as they give you unlimited exposure and bring in new potential customers.

Vehicles Wraps Services In Staten Island

When you are looking for more ways to attract your customers to your business vehicle wraps are a great choice. Pixel Wraps can help you catch the attention of more customers by printing you the most eye-catching wraps. We provide you with excellent vehicle wrapping and maintenance services. Here is a list of vehicle wraps that we provide in Staten Island:

Truck Wraps

Get your commercial trucks wrapped with your logo or graphics that represent your company wherever you go.

Food Truck Wraps

Food truck wraps are a great way to advertise your mobile restaurant to your potential customers. The wraps can also be changed whenever you want.

Trailer Wraps

A great way to advertise your business is by using your commercial trailer. You can get it wrapped with your company’s advertisement to let your potential customers know about your business.

Magnetic Wraps

Magnetic signs are the best signs to advertise your business, they can be removed and re-applied to your vehicle door.

Bus Wraps

Use the large area of your bus to promote your business by printing the graphics or logo. Bus wraps can be used a great marketing strategy.

Van Wraps

Vans travel the whole city and beyond and when you get them wrapped, fully or partially with your company’s logo, it can be a great way to advertise your business.

Choose Pixel Wraps for 3 Top Reasons

Wraps Design and Printing

Wraps Design and Printing

Pixel Wraps have professional designers that use the latest technology tools and printers that not only design the best wraps for you that matched your company’s values. But we also print wraps using latex ink that is fade and UV resistant so it can live for many years. No matter what are your requirements, we have got it covered.

Installation Services

Installation Services

When it comes to the installation of your wraps, it is better to get them by a professional installer to get them installed bubble-free and without messing up. Pixel Wraps have certifies installers who can do that for. They not only have years of experience but can also answer any queries that you have between the installation.

Removal and Repair

Our Secondary Vehicle Wraps Services

Pixel wraps have professional team members who can remove, repair and maintain your wraps. We can clean your Wraps with pressure water to help them live longer. If your wrap gets damaged, we can also repair them for you. In addition, we also provide wraps removal services to remove your wrap without leaving any residue behind.

Order Your Sign From Us Today!

Pixel Wraps is a local vehicle wraps company that has been working with big and small businesses for many years now. We have a great team of professionals that not only include our great graphic designers but our installers and technicians too, who can provide you with different wraps services. So contact us at 718-648-6500 or email us at to get your wraps today!

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