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Lettering can be an essential part of advertising and meeting regulations. For fleet vehicles and trucks, the DOT requires numbers displayed on the vehicle. Lettering can provide easy-to-read business names and contact information that catches the attention of potential customers as you drive by.

Pixel Wraps provides custom vinyl lettering for vehicles and trucks. Our options range from the standard DOT letters to one-of-a-kind custom letters that can promote your business. We have affordable rates that make vinyl vehicle lettering an option for all companies. Get the process started today by contacting our team right away.

What is Vinyl Lettering And Their Usage?

What is Vinyl Lettering And Their Usage?

Vinyl lettering is a convenient way to add regulatory signage and labels to fleet vehicles, shipping containers, and vans on transporters or dealerships. It is safe to use them on new vans or trucks as they will not damage the paint.

Moving companies, furniture companies, courier services, and delivery companies are also using vinyl lettering to place their company name, logo, and phone number onto their vehicles for promotion and advertising.

Vinyl Lettering Customization Options For Businesses

We use a vinyl film manufactured by either Oracal, 3M, or Avery, all of which yield a long-lasting material that can be installed on any surface. Vinyl lettering attaches to vehicles, windows, and walls as long as the surface is clean and smooth. The letters can be customized to your needs with:


Vinyl film is 4 mils thick, opaque, and flexible so that it can apply cleanly to curved surfaces on vans. It is resistant to fading and abrasions. The film can be applied for several years in normal driving conditions without showing extensive scratches or rock chips.


The film comes in a range of colors. White and black are options for standard DOT lettering, but more artistic lettering can be made with colors like red, blue, green, orange, purple, silver, and gold. Each shade is available in multiple colors for a look that matches your company’s colors.


Vinyl letters can be a few inches tall or several feet. The vinyl sheets are available in measurements several feet wide and each letter is cut to the desired size on a CNC router.


DOT lettering generally uses a san serif typeface. Letters can use any font, however, from standard ones like Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Impact to custom, hand-drawn fonts.


The film is available in different finishes depending on the needed look. Retroreflective vinyl offers reflective qualities that allow letters to be seen at night.

Beyond the customization options for vinyl lettering, they are also easy to apply and remove. Whenever needed, they can be removed if the vehicle needs updates.

Maintenance and Care For Vehicle Lettering

When properly cared for, vinyl lettering will maintain its quality on a vehicle for around 5 years. The exact timeline varies depending on the weather and environment the vehicle is in. These steps can help extend the service life of vinyl letters as well:

  • Use touchless car washes
  • Power washing should be kept below 2000 psi
  • Isopropyl alcohol can be used for spot cleaning
  • Park the vehicle out of the sun
  • Wipe off fuel spills immediately

Like paint on the vehicle, vinyl lettering can scratch if struck or if treated with an abrasive cleaner. However, a vinyl decal offers a protective effect for the paint beneath in the case of scratches, rocks, and weather exposure.

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Contact Our Team to Get Started

Whether it is a vinyl wrap to transform an entire truck or lettering for your vehicle, we can create a custom sign for you. Design and installation services are available to assist you throughout the process with every vinyl sign.

Our services are available to our local clients throughout New Jersey, including the cities of Linden, Jersey City, and Elizabethtown. We also work with all five boroughs of NYC.
To start your order, call Pixel Wraps at (718) 648-6500 and let us know your design needs. We have rapid turnaround times to get your vinyl lettering to you quickly and keep your vehicle out on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these letterings reusable?

No, they are not. These letterings are adhesive backs and once they are installed they cannot be reused again as they lose their adhesion.

Can I clean the lettering?

Yes, you can. As the vinyl is installed on the vehicle has an adhesive back, so it won’t fall off. So you can dust it using a soft cloth or you can also wash it with a damp cloth for further cleaning.

How long will the vinyl lettering last after it has been applied to a surface?

Vinyl lettering can last for months or even years depending on the surface and environment where you have applied. Vinyl lettering applied indoors can last much longer than applied outdoors where these are exposed to the harsh environment.

What is vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering is self-adhesive lettering that could be peel off from the backing to paste on the surface; this lettering is mostly words or quotes of customers’ choice.

What types of surfaces can be ideal for Vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering can be applied to just about any clean and smooth surface without any dust. If your vehicle is not washed before, it is advised to get it washed so that there is no dust remaining on it that will cause the lettering to fall off.

Will my vinyl lettering crack, peel, or fade away?

When a vinyl lettering is made up of high-quality material and should be protected from direct sunlight and extreme weather then you should not have problems with cracking, peeling, or fading away.