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Vehicle Vinyl Lettering – Vinyl Door Lettering on Commercial Vehicles in NY

There are many different types of signs that you can use to advertise your name, your products, and your services. But there are few graphics that possess a large number of benefits and high level of versatility that vinyl signs do. This is especially true of vinyl lettering for vehicles. Vinyl door lettering can be used not only to share the name and contact information for your business but can also be utilized to make sure that anyone within viewing distance knows what types of products and services you and your organization offer.

At Pixel Wraps, we create a variety of vinyl signs and vinyl lettering for all different types of surfaces, from metal to fiberglass. Our team is skilled at creating custom vinyl signs that are built to last, all for an affordable, budget-friendly price.

Advantages of Vinyl Lettering and Vinyl Decals

There are countless different materials to make signs out of. However, when you are trying to get your name, your brand or news of your products and services out there, vinyl signs may be the most advantageous of all. That is because these signs have a wide array of advantages which include:

Goes on Almost any Surface

Vinyl signs can be placed on almost any type of surface. Vinyl lettering can be expertly installed on windows, walls, any type of metal, and even the exterior of your car, truck, van, or SUV. This means that you could have a custom sign for any type of surface no matter where it is on your property.

Easy to Install

Similarly, because vinyl signs can go on any type of surface, they are also much easier to install compared to alternative signage options. For example, window painting can be time-consuming and costly. Vinyl lettering, on the other hand, can be placed on the window overnight and last for as long as you need it to.


In addition, unlike paint, and many other types of large custom signs, vinyl signs allow for full-color printing in the finest detail, and in a way that allows the color to “pop” for all those who view it.


DOT lettering generally uses a san serif typeface. Letters can use any font, however, from standard ones like Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Impact to custom, hand-drawn fonts.


Once you’re done with your vinyl sign, it can also be removed. This makes it a great choice for those that need to advertise for the holidays or just put vinyl lettering out to share news of a sale or other offer that is only going on for a limited time. It’s also a great choice for treating surfaces you do not want to damage, as vinyl signs come off cleanly and with little effort.


Finally, vinyl signs are one of the most affordable business graphics available in NYC. Our vinyl lettering options can often be printed in less than 48 hours. They can also be produced and installed for just a fraction of the cost of a custom sign made with more traditional sign materials such as wood and metal. Many of our clients come to us for new custom vinyl lettering in vinyl signs every week, because they know how adaptable and affordable a vinyl sign can be.

Types of Vinyl Lettering and Vinyl Decals

Another advantage of vinyl is that it can be printed in both large and small formats. You can even choose a vinyl that is transparent, so that it can be placed on a window and still allow in sunlight. Or you can have a vinyl sign that covers the entire window, vehicle, or wall in a way of that will personalize the look of your property.

At Pixel Wraps, we can create signs that include:

  • Vinyl Decals
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Vinyl Lettering – including gold leaf and etched letters
  • Vinyl Wraps


Each of these different types of vinyl signs can be customized for any size, and our team will make sure that is printed and expertly installed to your satisfaction.

Vinyl Sign Design from Pixel Wraps

Finally, we know that not every company has a graphic designer that is capable of creating vinyl lettering for their business. That is why we also have an entire graphic design department dedicated to collaborating with you on a design that’s both perfect for your project and looks great. If you have an idea, sketch or are unsure about what is the best graphic style to use, all you need to do is call Pixel Wraps. Allow our knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced graphic designers to help turn your vision into a reality.

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We are the number one provider of window decals in NYC, door decals in New Jersey, vinyl lettering on glass in NYC, and so much more. We can provide sale advertising; gold leaf lettering, truck window wraps, and all types of custom truck wrap lettering, to ensure that no matter what your firm needs, with Pixel Wraps you have a partner that’s capable of creating it.

We serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, and even areas in New Jersey including Edison, Newark, Toms River, Jersey City, and more. We are also able to provide vinyl installation services, and if you need help removing any of our vinyl signs we can assist you there as well.
For those that want to install or maintain vinyl signs themselves, we are also more than happy to give you instructions on how to do it, to make sure that your final signs are able to last. For more information about our vinyl lettering and vinyl sign services, please call Pixel Wraps today at (718) 648-6500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these letterings reusable?

No, they are not. These letterings are adhesive backs and once they are installed they cannot be reused again as they lose their adhesion.

Can I clean the lettering?

Yes, you can. As the vinyl is installed on the vehicle has an adhesive back, so it won’t fall off. So you can dust it using a soft cloth or you can also wash it with a damp cloth for further cleaning.

How long will the vinyl lettering last after it has been applied to a surface?

Vinyl lettering can last for months or even years depending on the surface and environment where you have applied. Vinyl lettering applied indoors can last much longer than applied outdoors where these are exposed to the harsh environment.

What is vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering is self-adhesive lettering that could be peel off from the backing to paste on the surface; this lettering is mostly words or quotes of customers’ choice.

What types of surfaces can be ideal for Vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering can be applied to just about any clean and smooth surface without any dust. If your vehicle is not washed before, it is advised to get it washed so that there is no dust remaining on it that will cause the lettering to fall off.

Will my vinyl lettering crack, peel, or fade away?

When a vinyl lettering is made up of high-quality material and should be protected from direct sunlight and extreme weather then you should not have problems with cracking, peeling, or fading away.