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Pixel Wraps is a leading company in New York City and New Jersey for turning vehicles into eye-catching advertisements. We’re experts in designing unique wraps that make cars and trucks stand out, helping businesses get noticed on the road. Our team knows how to match the right design to each brand, ensuring that every vehicle we wrap grabs attention and makes a strong impression.

We use the latest technology and high-quality materials to make sure our wraps last a long time and look great. Our skilled team pays close attention to every detail, from the start of the design to the final application, to make sure every vehicle looks perfect. Whether it’s just one car or a whole fleet, we make sure every wrap looks consistent and matches the business’s style. At Pixel Wraps, we focus on making our customers happy, guiding them through every step and making the whole process easy and effective for businesses in New York and New Jersey.

What do we wrap?

At Pixel Wraps, we wrap everything from individual cars to entire commercial fleets, turning them into mobile billboards that showcase your brand across New York City and New Jersey. Our wraps are tailored to each vehicle, ensuring your message is seen and remembered wherever the road takes you.

Bos truck wrap for Sound House

Give your truck a fresh look and turn it into a rolling billboard! With truck wraps, you’re not just driving – you’re advertising. It’s a fun and savvy way to spread the word.

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Boost your brand with our van graphics! Turn every drive into an ad and stand out on the road. Simple, effective, professional. Get noticed, get moving!

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Maximize your message with our trailer wraps! Make every journey a moving billboard and shine in the spotlight. Easy, impactful, pro-level. Drive visibility, go big!

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Wrap your food cart and wow the crowd! With our designs, every meal becomes an ad. Easy branding, big impact. Serve with flair, get noticed!

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Vehicle Lettering

Vinyl lettering for trucks are custom decals with text or numbers. Perfect for showcasing business names, contact info, DOT/MC numbers, or logos. They turn your truck into a mobile ad. Simple setup, major results!

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Bus wraps are custom designs that cover buses, turning them into moving billboards. Perfect for advertising or showcasing brand messages. They make a bold statement, ensuring your message travels citywide. Ride and shine!

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Wall wraps are custom graphics applied to walls, transforming them into vivid displays or advertisements. Ideal for enhancing interiors or promoting brands, they breathe life into any space. Make walls talk, stand out brilliantly!

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Ice Cream Cart Wraps

Ice cream cart wraps provide a professional and visually appealing branding solution, optimizing your cart’s appearance for maximum customer engagement. 


From Vehicle Wraps to Wall Graphics

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Full Wraps

A full vehicle wrap is a comprehensive service that covers your vehicle’s entire exterior with high-quality, durable vinyl. At Pixel Wraps, we see this as an opportunity to transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard that commands attention. Using state-of-the-art printing technology and premium materials, we ensure that your wrap looks stunning and lasts for years. This is your all-in-one solution for maximum brand visibility and long-term advertising value.
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Partial Wraps

Partial wraps are a targeted approach to vehicle wrapping, where only specific sections of your vehicle are covered with custom-designed vinyl graphics. We at Pixel Wraps offer this as a budget-friendly yet highly effective way to advertise your brand. Whether you want to highlight your logo, showcase a product, or display contact information, our partial wraps are tailored to meet your specific needs. It’s all the impact of a full wrap but at a fraction of the cost.
full vehicle wraps

Roof Only Wraps

Roof-only wraps are specialized services that focus solely on covering the roof of your vehicle with custom vinyl graphics. At Pixel Wraps, we recognize that sometimes the most effective advertising comes from unexpected places. That’s why our roof-only wraps are designed to capture attention from above, making them ideal for urban environments with high-rise buildings or heavy pedestrian traffic. It’s a unique way to make your brand stand out in crowded settings.
vinyl lettering

Vehicle Lettering

Spot graphics and vinyl vehicle lettering involve the application of custom-cut vinyl decals to specific areas of your vehicle. At Pixel Wraps, we understand that sometimes less is more. This service is perfect for businesses that prefer a minimalist approach to branding. Whether it’s your company name, logo, or contact information, our precision-cut vinyl graphics offer a clean, professional look that effectively communicates your message without overwhelming the viewer.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wraps are more than just aesthetic makeovers; they’re a potent marketing tool that has been aiding businesses in diverse sectors to soar to new heights. Here’s how:

Car dealership in Rockville Maryland Jeep e1694977852861

Enhanced Visibility:

Vehicle wraps turn your cars, vans, or trucks into moving billboards, providing high visibility to thousands of potential customers daily.

Custom Branding:

Wraps are fully customizable, allowing you to showcase your brand, message, and style in unique, eye-catching designs.

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Localized Marketing

Since the vehicles often operate within a particular region, wraps can effectively target local demographics, ensuring more relevant outreach.

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Protection for Your Vehicle:

High-quality vinyl wraps protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches and sun damage, maintaining its resale value.

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Easy to Update and Remove:

As your marketing needs change, wraps can be easily updated or removed without damaging the vehicle’s original paint.

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Wide Reach:

Whether parked or on the move, your wrapped vehicle reaches a diverse audience, increasing brand recognition and potential customer base.

df studio medium box truck wrap


Businesses in various industries leverage graphic wraps to boost their brand recognition and visibility. This includes automotive dealers, food trucks, retail businesses, and event planners, who find graphic wraps an adaptable and effective marketing strategy.

Looking for “car wrapping near me“? Local auto customization shops typically provide expert car wrapping services, enabling you to change the look of your vehicle and create a memorable impact. Discover local providers to give your vehicle a new look with striking graphics and designs.

Bulk Wrap Printing: Exclusive Deals for Freelancers, Wrap Pros & Graphic Installers!
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What Sets Us Apart in the Vehicle Wrapping Industry:

  1. Targeted Commercial Focus: At Pixel Wrap, we specialize in commercial vehicle wraps, understanding the unique needs and objectives of businesses. Our focus is on creating wraps that not only look great but also effectively communicate your brand message.

  2. Brand Cohesion: We excel in designing wraps that are consistent with your company’s branding, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across your entire fleet.

  3. Durable, High-Quality Materials: We use industry-leading, long-lasting vinyl materials that stand up to weather and wear, ensuring your investment lasts and keeps looking good.

  4. Expert Design Team: Our team of designers are adept at translating your brand into visually striking graphics that capture attention and make lasting impressions.

  5. Efficient Process: We understand that time is money, especially for commercial clients. Our process is streamlined for efficiency, minimizing downtime for your vehicles.

  6. ROI-Driven Approach: We focus on creating wraps that are not just decorative but serve as effective marketing tools, designed to maximize your return on investment.

  7. Wide Coverage: Serving NYC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, we offer wide accessibility and can cater to businesses spread across these regions.

Certified Wrap Installers on Board

PixelWraps.com boasts certified wrap installers in NYC, ensuring top-quality and precision for every project. With expertise and dedication, we turn vehicles into eye-catching displays. Trust NYC’s best for standout wraps!

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Our Wrapping Process

Our vehicle vinyl wrapping process covers everything from consultation to design, printing, and installation, ensuring your brand shines on the road.

We Create

Consultation to define your brand goals and vehicle needs.

We Design

Custom wrap layout by our in-house designers for maximum impact.

We Print

High-res digital printing on premium vinyl for durability and color.

We Install

Certified techs ensure a seamless, bubble-free wrap finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vehicle vinyl wrap?

A vehicle vinyl wrap is a custom adhesive film applied to vehicles, changing their appearance and providing protection.

How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle?

Costs vary based on vehicle size, design complexity, and materials used; contact us for a customized quote.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Typically 5-7 years with proper maintenance, thanks to premium materials and installation.

Can I customize the design of my wrap?

Absolutely! We create custom designs tailored to your branding or personal style.

Can a vinyl wrap damage my car's paint?

No, our wraps are safe and even protect your car's paint.

Do you offer fleet wrapping services?

Yes, we provide tailored fleet wrapping to maintain brand consistency and enhance advertising impact.

How effective is vehicle wrapping for advertising?

Highly effective! It turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard, boosting brand visibility.

What is the process for getting a vehicle wrap from Pixel Wraps?

Consultation, design, printing, and installation, ensuring a professional finish.

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