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Every vehicle is an investment, but using that investment as an opportunity to make your business advertise through it is the real challenge. With transformed into a display for branded graphics, the vehicle can become a profitable mobile billboard that helps your investment work for you. This type of advertisement is especially fast-growing as they are useful in cutting the noise and clutter to grab the attention of the customers. Every industry has small businesses that rely on vehicle advertisement when promoting their businesses on streets and highways.

Pixel Wraps is a full-service wraps company that fabricates and installs a range of sign wraps, from truck wraps and trailer wraps to window wraps and wall wraps. We provide wraps that are not only of high-quality vinyl but also affordable to our clients located throughout NYC and NJ, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, and Queens.

We use the latest technology to produce advanced wraps designs. All of our designs are made by our talented team of in-house graphic designers, so whether you need a custom vinyl wrap or vinyl decal, we have got you covered!

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Utilize your Vehicle body for your Business Information

In New York, New Jersey, or wherever a fleet is traveling, if it is covered with an effective advertisement, it helps make a great impression on every passerby. Getting your fleet wrapped with your business logo, web address, or other info – works as a great advantage for your business as it pays off more than what you have spent on it.

At Pixel wraps, we make our signs, like box truck wraps and van wraps, which are made from an exterior grade 3M vinyl film, or a similar film made by Avery or Oracal. Vinyl film is safe to use on most substrates, including car surfaces like ABS resins, paint, aluminum, and chrome. It can also be applied to glass windows and walls of most materials. When pulled away, the vinyl separates from the base material without any damage.

The graphics are printed directly to the film on wide-format printers with latex inks, offering color clarity and fade resistance for the lifetime of the wrap. The wraps are then cut to size, making it possible to create full wraps that entirely cover a vehicle, or create partial wraps – including decals and lettering – that fit perfectly where you want them to be.

Here are some of the example of our wrap design:

Wrap your Commercial Fleet with Vinyl Wrap

Vehicle wraps are one of the best investments a business can make. That is because they turn a necessary purchase – such as a fleet vehicle or commuter vehicle – and turn it into something that benefits your business while it’s on the road. So, for businesses who want to make the best use of their vehicles to promote their brand, vinyl wraps can do that for you.

Pixel Wraps has been helping local businesses throughout NYC and NJ to generate their brand awareness with the help of our eye-catching vinyl wraps. With vehicle wraps, you can easily promote your business as they stay with you for as long as you want and once you get it done, you get your investment back in the form of clients that caught sight of your business and now want to do business with you, and with that, vinyl film can even extend the life and value of your vehicle as the film protects against sun damage, road salt, and more.

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Our Process

Fabricating vehicle wraps start from a design. Vehicle wraps are first designed to fit the specific vehicle they will be applied to, either from a blueprint or by taking measurements of the truck. Our graphic designers help design such a type of wrap for you that fit all your needs. Each panel is printed then by a large printer that produces a fine print. Then, the vinyl is laminated, and after it has rested for a day it is applied to the vehicle.

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How it works

Vehicle Wrapping Services

Vehicle Wrapping Services
Wrap designing in NJ

We Design

Clients can bring their vehicle wrap designs if their business has a graphic designer. Otherwise, we can create the wrap with your business logo and branding. We use vector design programs and a template of your vehicle’s model to create precise designs that will lay on the truck and correspond to curves, ridges, and other vehicle accessories.

Wrap Printing in NJ

We Print

After we have completed the design, we print the finished design on the large vinyl sheet in a solvent-based printer that produces a high-resolution print. The print is then laminated also with a vinyl sheet to make the ink UV resistant. The wrap is left to rest for 24 hours to gas out, which prevents the bubbling and wrinkling of the wraps during the application.

Wrap Installation in NJ

We Install

As certified 3M installers, we install wraps according to the manufacturer’s process. The wrap is slowly tacked to the vehicle with the pressure-activated adhesive backing and heat guns to promote stretching and smooth application. The wrap is given 24 hours to set after installation. But we can also help you with the maintenance needs of your wraps, incase If it needs any fixing or something else.

Get Your Order Started with Pixel Wraps

At Pixel Wraps, we believe business vehicles are more than just a way to get around. They are an advertising canvas and a way to reach customers where they are. Explore the different types of truck and van wraps we offer or go ahead and give us a call at 718-648-6500. We are ready to answer your questions about vinyl wrap signage and help you bring an idea to life.

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