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Wrap Your Offices, Restaurant and Event Walls With 3M Graphics

Every building has walls. At most businesses, these walls are blank. But at savvy companies, these open spaces provide ample opportunity for signage and creative designs. Many signs can work on walls, but vinyl wall wraps offer unique benefits beyond those of other sign types. A wall wrap can be any size, covering an entire wall like a custom mural if necessary. They are also temporary, yet have the permanent appearance of paint or wallpaper, creating even more visual appeal.

At Pixel Wraps, we design full-size wall wraps and wall decals with the custom graphics that will set your business apart. Besides wall wraps, we offer other types of wraps too including Window Wraps, Trailer Wraps, Truck Wraps, Food cart Wraps and much more. When you are ready to utilize your available space for advertising, or want to transform the interior of your office or business, call Pixel Wraps to start your order.

3M Certified Vinyl Installation

As 3M certified installers, we place vinyl wall wraps according to the manufacturer’s exact directions. This creates an install that will last for at least five years without sagging or peeling. Correct installation will also keep the wrap from developing any air bubbles between the vinyl and the wall, or any creases or tears during the process.

The “wet method” is used when installing full wall wraps in order to achieve alignment. This process involves first cleaning the wall and then prepping the wall by applying a small amount of water. Water is also applied to the vinyl film. The moisture prevents the film from adhering the moment it touches the wall.

Once you are satisfied with the placement, the vinyl is dried and adheres to the wall. It can be removed at any time, and we offer vinyl removal services if needed. During removal, it should not cause damage to the wall beneath, no matter the material, and if any touchups are needed they should be minimal. New wraps can also be installed right away.

Custom Wall Wraps According To Your Requirements

The customizability of wall wraps means that they can be used for almost every graphic. It is common for retailers and shopping malls to use vinyl wraps to promote products. They can also be used during construction to generate interest in a coming store, and they can be decorative – creating what looks like a painted wall but without harming the building.

Options for Custom Vinyl Wrap

Each wall wrap is made individually, making it possible to customize each one to a business’s specific need. The choices for designing a wrap include:

3M, Avery, and Oracal Vinyl Film

The film for wall wraps is made by one of the major producers of vinyl and each offers a range of film designed to work on different surfaces. For wall wraps, film is usually white and opaque so that colors print accurately, however transparent film is also an option.

Partial Wraps or Full Wraps

Each wrap is cut to size using automated trimming. This can mean a full wrap that matches the dimensions of the wall being covered, or a smaller decal or wall sticker in a custom shape. For partial wraps, the decal can be in the shape of a logo, an artistic element like a tree or building, or text.

Interior or Exterior Wraps

Different vinyl films offer durability and the ability to adhere to surfaces usually found on outside walls, such as brick or stucco. Exterior wraps are also made to withstand rain, UV rays, wind, and varied temperatures. Interior wraps are fade resistant and durable against dust and light wear.

Design and Imagery

The design, including any background colors, is printed directly to the vinyl film on a wide format printer that creates a continuous image without seams. The process uses UV inks and a four color digital printing. On the white vinyl, the colors from these inks show up with clarity and defined saturation.

Finishing Options

Vinyl films come in either matte or gloss finishes. Overlaminate can also be placed over the design. Lamination provides production, a smoother application, and an additional texture to the film.

The different options can be chosen to create a sign that works best in the location it will be installed, including any environmental factors it is subject to, and the design that a business would like to use.

Using and Maintaining Wall Wraps

Vinyl film can be installed on any non-porous, smooth surface. Walls with light texturing will often work as well. The film adheres to painted surfaces, wood, metal, and glass, while exterior grade film works on brick, smooth stone, and stucco surfaces.

Wall wraps should be regularly cleaned to keep them free of buildup. A soft cloth can remove dust and smudges. When a spot is more set in, mild soap and lukewarm water will often remove it. Abrasive materials should be kept away from wall wraps as they can irreparably scratch the vinyl.

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Order a Custom Wall Mural NYC From Pixel Wraps

With sign fabrication and the design and installation services, Pixel Wraps is the top choice company for wall wraps in NJ and NYC. We offer our installation services to businesses and individuals in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, Queen, and Manhattan, as well as those throughout New Jersey.

Start your order today by contacting us at (718) 648-6500. We can discuss your needs, begin to create your design, and make recommendations for the customizations that will best showcase your wall wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my wrap after some time?

Yes, you can definitely change you wall wrap after some time, this removal of wall wrap only requires of a couple of minutes.

Can I get wrapped some area of my wall?

For covering little space of wall we have introduced partial window wrap that only covers your desired are and leave the rest untouched.

Do wall wrap tend to peel off after some time?

No wall wrap are made with durable vinyl material and after this, it is laminated to cover the outer surface that won’t peel and remain intact all time.

Is wrap damage my wall or not?

Nope, wall wrap won’t damage your property. the wall wrap is made up of environmentally friendly material that doesn’t contain any harmful agents that can damage your wall.