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Our Wall Wraps Don't Just Cover, They Captivate.

Every business has a story. Our wall wraps ensure that story is narrated in every corner of your commercial space, echoing your brand’s identity and values.
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We Bring Walls to Life with Our Expert Vinyl Wrapping Services.

Your walls are more than just what divides one room from another. They are an unused art space and communication device. They are your property. Make them truly yours. With original, custom graphics — that both speak to your customers and endear the public to your brand — you can now fully utilize the potential of your location’s interior design. A wall wrap is something that all of your guests will see, and it also helps to both shape the customer experience — as well as to inform their decision of whether or not to make a purchase.

That is why experts strongly recommended that business owners and operators consider decorative wall wraps and wall decals. They enliven the indoor areas of your NYC or New Jersey property and create a more welcome environment. These types of signs can provide both form and decoration. They serve as an effective form of advertising for those that are trying to either improve their brand, guide people to the correct section of the store, or both.

When Ordinary Walls Won't Do, Wrap It Up with Us!

We have provided our wall wrapping services to many clients, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations.
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Wall Wraps by Pixel Wraps

Wall Wraps

What is Wall Wrap?

Wall wrap is a type of large-scale sign installed over the interior walls of your property. They can be full color or black and white. They are designed to blend in with the wall in a way that looks almost like a detailed painting. Some companies use wall murals to create an improved ambiance inside of their building, while others use these wall signs to advertise products and services.

At Pixel Wraps, our graphic department specialists are experts at incorporating both of these qualities into their designs. From beautiful aesthetics to useful, informative text, we can help shape the consumer experience. Transform your customers’ shopping time from a grueling errand into an enjoyable — even unforgettable — outing. Our graphics allow you to foster a sense of brand loyalty and unsurpassed service among your valuable clientele.

We wrap all types of walls

Whether you want to decorate your wall or want to display your brand elements, wall wraps can easily cater such needs.

Sitting Area Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps

They are the digital photographs or illustrations that are printed and can be applied directly to the wall.

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Wall Decals

These are the stickers or tattoos that can be applied to the wall for decoration or informational purposes.

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Wall Lettering

These are the numbers, characters, or symbols that can be wrap to your wall.

how wall wraps can echo your brand’s voice and vision.

At Pixel Wraps, we’ve always maintained that a business’s interior should echo its ambition. Through our advanced wall wrapping techniques, we bring to life designs that inspire, invigorate, and impress
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Brand Enhancement

Elevate your company’s identity by integrating logos, color schemes, and brand messages seamlessly into your interiors.

Durability and Protection

Wall wraps are resistant to wear and tear, protecting the underlying surfaces from scratches, marks, and dents.
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Cost Effective Solution

Get the feel of a major revamp without the hefty costs and long downtime of traditional renovations.
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Enhanced Interiors

Create an inspiring workspace that can uplift spirits, foster creativity, and boost productivity.
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Customizable Design

Easily update visuals based on seasons, marketing campaigns, or rebranding efforts.
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Easy Maintenance

Wall wraps are simple to clean and maintain, making them ideal for high-traffic commercial spaces.

Our Wall Wrapping Process

Our Wall wrapping process covers everything from consultation to design, printing, and installation, ensuring your brand shines on the road.

We Create

Consultation to define your brand goals and vehicle needs.

We Design

Custom wrap layout by our in-house designers for maximum impact.

We Print

High-res digital printing on premium vinyl for durability and color.

We Install

Certified techs ensure a seamless, bubble-free wrap finish.

Wall Wrap Designing Services

We also have a skilled and experienced graphic design team available that can collaborate with you on crafting an unforgettable custom wall wrap, as well as the most prominent wall decals and wall lettering. Our team has been honing their ad design skills for their entire careers. This expertise will help ensure you’re left with a final product that will not only match but surpass your most ambitious expectations.

These types of wall murals are more affordable than hand-painted graphics, more customizable than wall paper, and capable of providing a durable yet removable and interchangeable medium that is proven to help businesses of all types succeed. These multi-faceted advertisements will add the necessary elements to any property or business location — regardless of setting, industry or sector.

Art Gallery Wall Wraps

Transform Your Walls with Our Local Wall Wrapping Specialists.

Finding top-notch wall wrapping services just got easier! At Pixel Wraps, we pride ourselves on delivering exquisite wall transformations right in your neighborhood. Being local means we understand your needs, ensuring a personalized touch in every project. From design consultation to installation, our team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Don’t just wrap your walls—elevate them with Pixel Wraps, your nearby experts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wall wraps?

Wall wraps are high-quality vinyl coverings that can be applied to walls to change their appearance. They offer a seamless and dynamic way to introduce graphics, textures, colors, or branding elements to any space.

Can I customize my wall wrap design?

Definitely! At Pixel Wraps, we specialize in bringing your vision to life. Whether you have a design in mind or need assistance crafting one, our design team is here to help.

How long do wall wraps last?

Our premium-quality wall wraps are designed to last for years. With proper care and maintenance, they can retain their vibrant look and feel for up to 5-7 years or even longer, depending on environmental factors.

How long does the installation process take?

The installation time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, our team is experienced and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Are wall wraps removable?

Absolutely! One of the great features of wall wraps is their removability. When it's time for a change or update, our team can safely and efficiently remove the wrap without damaging the underlying surface.

Are wall wraps cost-effective compared to traditional paint or wallpaper?

While the initial investment may be higher than paint, wall wraps offer durability, versatility, and the ability to quickly change the look of a space without extensive prep or downtime.

Can wall wraps be applied to any surface?

While wall wraps adhere best to smooth, clean surfaces, our expert team can evaluate and prep a variety of wall types to ensure the wrap looks its best. We've successfully applied wraps to brick, concrete, wood, and more.

Can wall wraps be used in commercial spaces?

Absolutely! Many businesses utilize wall wraps to enhance branding, display promotional content, or simply rejuvenate their interior spaces. They're a fantastic tool for making a memorable impression on clients and customers.

How do I maintain and clean my wall wrap?

Maintaining your wall wrap is easy. Simply wipe it down with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive tools and harsh chemicals to ensure the longevity of the wrap.

Why choose Pixel Wraps for my wall wrapping needs?

With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, our team at Pixel Wraps ensures precision, quality, and satisfaction in every project. From design to installation, we pride ourselves on delivering the best wall wrapping services in the region.