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Wall Wraps – Restaurant Wallpaper and Decals Wrapping NYC

Your walls are more than just what divides one room from another. They are an unused art space and communication device. They are your property. Make them truly yours. With original, custom graphics — that both speak to your customers and endear the public to your brand — you can now fully utilize the potential of your location’s interior design. A wall wrap is something that all of your guests will see, and it also helps to both shape the customer experience — as well as to inform their decision of whether or not to make a purchase.

That is why experts strongly recommended that business owners and operators consider decorative wall wraps and wall decals. They enliven the indoor areas of your NYC or New Jersey property and create a more welcome environment. These types of signs can provide both form and decoration. They serve as an effective form of advertising for those that are trying to either improve their brand, guide people to the correct section of the store, or both. From housewares to cold beverages, meats and produce to rest rooms, a wall decal can go a long way in improving your customers’ shopping experience.

If you’re interested in an innovative, one-of-a-kind wall wrap in New York City, please contact Pixel Wraps today at (718) 648-6500, and we can create for you a custom wall wrap that is proven to generate more business for you and for your company.

What Are Wall Wraps?

What Are Wall Wraps?

Wall wraps are a type of large-scale sign installed over the interior walls of your property. They can be full color or black and white. They are designed to blend in with the wall in a way that looks almost like a detailed painting. Some companies use wall murals to create an improved ambiance inside of their building, while others use these wall signs to advertise products and services.

At Pixel Wraps, our graphic department specialists are experts at incorporating both of these qualities into their designs. From beautiful aesthetics to useful, informative text, we can help shape the consumer experience. Transform your customers’ shopping time from a grueling errand into an enjoyable — even unforgettable — outing. Our graphics allow you to foster a sense of brand loyalty and unsurpassed service among your valuable clientele.

What Are The Benefits Of Wall Wraps?

Depending on how you use wall wraps, you will find that it has many different benefits for your location. Some of these advantages include:


These vinyl wall wraps provide an affordable decoration for your New York or New Jersey property — and one that is removable at any time. Many hotels and office buildings use them as a way to decorate their walls without the hassle of more permanent construction or paint. Our murals and decals are custom tailored to perfectly compliment your décor, location, business culture, organization mission, as well as your industry and sector.


Companies that use wall wraps can help improve their branding by crafting a custom sign that features their logo, as well as offers decorative elements that will help them to impress visitors and generate future sales. With wall decals both small and large, there are plenty of ways to use these wall murals to brand your business.

Exciting consumers

Studies have shown that businesses which integrate wall murals and wall wraps into their stores are able to improve their image and increase revenue by creating a more professional and engaging brand association in the public imagination.


Unused walls can be boring. They also represent spaces that could otherwise easily be used to spotlight your products and services. Wall wraps work better than paint because they can be easily removed at any time and cost less to integrate and install on your property. They can be periodically swapped out for seasonal offers, sales or just an updated look.

Customer service

For some companies, wall murals and wall wraps are a form of customer service, because they both improve the customer experience and can be used to help direct people to certain areas of the store. By immediately knowing exactly where to find a particular item, store department or facility — such as a pool, gym or restroom — customers are less likely to have to ask one of your workers. This frees up your staff to tackle more complex tasks.

There are so many different ways to use full color wall murals, that the benefits are almost endless. It is simply a matter of coming up with a creative approach that works best for your business. When it comes to all the possible applications for wall wraps, the sky is the limit.

Why Order Your Wall Wraps From Pixel Wraps?

Pixel Wraps is a wall wrapping company that supports the advertising efforts of businesses throughout the NYC and New Jersey areas. As a full service business graphics company, we provide:

  • Wall Decals and Lettering for Supermarkets
  • Wall Wraps for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
  • Wall Murals for Small Storefronts, Shops and Boutiques
  • Wall Graphics for Department Stores and Big Box Retailers
  • Wall Decals for Offices, Galleries and Studios
  • Wall Wraps For Hotels, Restaurants and Schools
  • And So Much More

We are also wall wrap and decal installers, capable of coming to your property and ensuring your graphics are correctly and smoothly put in place — with no bumps, bubbles or other issues that could reduce the lifespan of your vinyl wrap. We will meticulously prepare every surface for a superior installation.

Thoughtful, Original Custom Designs

We also have a skilled and experienced graphic design team available that can collaborate with you on crafting an unforgettable custom wall wrap, as well as the most prominent wall decals and wall lettering. Our team has been honing their ad design skills for their entire careers. This expertise will help ensure you’re left with a final product that will not only match but surpass your most ambitious expectations.

These types of wall murals are more affordable than hand-painted graphics, more customizable than wall paper, and capable of providing a durable yet removable and interchangeable medium that is proven to help businesses of all types succeed. These multi-faceted advertisements will add the necessary elements to any property or business location — regardless of setting, industry or sector.

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Call Pixel Wraps Today For Custom Wall Wraps In NY and NJ

Pixel Wraps delivers the quality you can trust. With affordable pricing and a commitment to your satisfaction, we are confident that we can create the wall wraps that will help your business grow for years to come.

For more information about our wall wrap and wall mural services, please contact Pixel Wraps today at (718)-648-6500. Our team is happy to speak with you about any requirements you may have, and we would love to learn more about your company as well as your goals for using our services. Let’s talk about creating the right wall wrap solutions that you can depend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my wrap after some time?

Yes, you can definitely change you wall wrap after some time, this removal of wall wrap only requires of a couple of minutes.

Can I get wrapped some area of my wall?

For covering little space of wall we have introduced partial window wrap that only covers your desired are and leave the rest untouched.

Can I remove my wall wrap myself?

You sure can. You can do that by applying heat to one corner of your wrap and then peeling it to the end. But even then it is advised to get professionals to remove them for you.

Does wall wrap tend to peel off after some time?

No wall wrap are made with durable vinyl material and after this, it is laminated to cover the outer surface that won’t peel and remain intact all time.

What are the standard wall wraps sizes that you offer?

We make different sizes of wall wraps depending on the size of your wall. But the standard size of wraps are 60 cm x 100 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm, and 30 cm x 50 cm.

Will the wrap damage my wall or not?

No, the wall wrap is made up of environmentally friendly material that doesn’t contain any harmful agents that can damage your wall.