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Revamp Your Fleet’s Appearance in NYC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania! Our expert team specializes in custom graphics for all truck types – BOX TRUCKS, semis, and more. Elevate your brand on wheels. Get in touch today!

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Maximize Your Brand's on the Move: Premium Truck Wrapping Solutions by Pixel Wrap

Pixel Wraps is your trusted partner for truck wrapping, with over three decades of experience in transforming commercial vehicles into stunning mobile advertisements. Our team of certified graphics installers includes 3M certified car wrappers, ensuring top-notch quality in every project.

We specialize in wrapping trucks, box trucks, and entire fleets, offering a complete solution from design to installation. Based in the heart of NYC, we also conveniently serve clients in Linden, NJ, and Scranton, PA, bringing our premium wrapping services closer to you. When you search for “truck wrapping near me,” choose Pixel Wraps for unmatched expertise, quality, and attention to detail. Transform your commercial vehicles into attention-grabbing marketing assets with us.


Our Truck Wrapping Process

Our Truck wrapping process covers everything from consultation to design, printing, and installation, ensuring your brand shines on the road.

We Create

Consultation to define your brand goals and vehicle needs.

We Design

Custom wrap layout by our in-house designers for maximum impact.

We Print

High-res digital printing on premium vinyl for durability and color.

We Install

Certified techs ensure a seamless, bubble-free wrap finish.
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What are Truck Wrap?

Truck wraps, also referred to as “box truck wraps,” consist of printed vinyl specially designed for safe adhesion to your vehicle’s exterior. These wraps work wonders in elevating your fleet’s appearance, featuring custom graphics that appear as if they’re seamlessly painted onto the vehicle’s surface.

Utilizing large format printers, each wrap possesses an adhesive backing and can be either permanent or removable, with the latter option leaving the original paint unharmed. At Pixel Wraps, we employ custom printed panels with overlapping edges, ensuring a flawless and unified design spanning the entire vehicle.

Crafted for outdoor durability, truck wraps exhibit resilience against harsh weather conditions and environmental elements. Additionally, they can be laminated with a UV protective coating, offering extended lifespan and the choice of a glossy or matte finish. For added protection, anti-graffiti lamination is also available upon request.


As a large format printing company, Pixel Wraps can create printed graphics for any size vehicle. We also install each vehicle wrap with careful precision. We are able to work with any size truck, including:

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Small Box Trucks

Wraps help small box trucks look more professional upon making deliveries.

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Medium Box Truck

Panels can be installed on medium trucks with side doors.

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Large Box Trucks

Large box trucks can be converted into mobile advertisements on the road.

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Semi Truck Wraps

Our truck wraps for extra large trucks look crisp and seamless.

Let us wrap your Truck the right way


Types of Truck Wraps We Offer

Pixel Wraps offers several custom print and installation options for your truck wraps. Our full truck wrap is our hottest wrapping service, used by many NYC transportation companies. Our options include:

Full Truck Wraps

Full Truck Wrapping

Full truck wraps cover vehicles from top to bottom. They include both sides of the vehicle and the back rolling gate. Roof truck wraps are optional.

Partial Wraps

Partial Truck Wrapping

Partial wraps cover a portion of the commercial fleet vehicle. Typically, they involve Visibility – (Helps promoting your brand, works as moving billboard).

Vinyl Lettering

Truck Lettering

An alternative to graphics is truck lettering. Truck lettering is useful for branding and messaging. There are nearly unlimited color options and font choices.

Why Settle for Less?
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Truck wraps act as a mobile billboard. They utilize space that you already own. They can help promote your brand or be sold to advertisers. It is also more noticeable on the road.

Fully Changeable

Fully Changeable Graphics

Custom truck wraps make it possible to change out your messaging at any time. This offers you freedom with your marketing and messaging.

Brand recognitions

Brand recognition

Uniform fleet appearance is more professional. It helps your brand become recognizable. Those that glance at your trucks will be familiar with your messaging.

Paint protection 1

Paint Protection

Vinyl is durable enough to prevent paint fading and scratches. It also offers protection from weather and graffiti. This enhances the value of your fleet in the long term.

Proudly Made in the USA Vinyl Manufacturers

All of the vinyl manufacturers we work with make their product right here in the United States. We use several different types of vinyl from some of the world’s leading vinyl brands. These include:

logo of 3m
avery dennison logo
logo of general formulations
mactac logo
orafol logo

Tailor-Made Truck Wrapping Designs for Your Business

Whether you’re a business owner looking to boost your brand’s visibility or a fleet manager aiming for a cohesive, professional appearance, we’re here to exceed your expectations. At Pixel Wraps, we take pride in our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making us your ultimate destination for all things vinyl truck wraps. Let us help you make your trucks stand out and leave a memorable impression wherever they go.

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Trucking Companies​

Sell advertising space or use truck wraps to create large moving billboards. ​

Food Delivery and Packaging Companies​

Food delivery companies make deliveries a chance for branding.

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Real Estate

Make agents and listings unforgettable on the road.
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Freight Haulers

Freight haulers offer nearly endless unused space for color and flair.

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Beer Trucks​

Labeling beer trucks saves marketing money and provides outstanding visibility. ​

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Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Trucks​

The crisp and vibrant prints add brightness to produce delivery trucks.​

Explore Our Local Truck Wrap Shop Near You

Explore our map to discover the closest Pixel Wraps location near you. Whether you’re a local business owner or a fleet manager, our expert team is ready to provide you with exceptional truck wraps and graphics services just a stone’s throw away. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for “truck wraps near me” – we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a truck wrap cost?

Every project is unique. The total cost depends on factors that include:

  • The size of the truck.
  • Whether it is a full or partial wrap.
  • Lamination options.

For an estimate, a 14’ box truck will typically be around $1400. A 24’ box truck will be around $2400. There may be an additional fee for premium vinyl (~25%) and lamination. We are able to offer deep discounts for full fleet vehicle wrapping, large corporations, truckers, and contractors.

What is a truck wrap and what are they used for?

Truck wraps are primarily for branding and marketing. They are designed to turn a truck on the road into a rolling advertisement or to brand a truck with the logo of the trucking company so that the vehicle is clearly labeled. Both truck wraps and vehicle wraps are primarily used by businesses, but some individuals have been known to decorate their cars with wraps so that they can have a unique-looking vehicle without a detailed paint job.

Do you offer wrap design services?

Absolutely. We know how hard it can be to create a truck wrap when you’ve never made one before. We do offer a variety of affordable vehicle wrap graphic design options, with a team that is often more affordable than completing it in-house – and one with expertise working specifically on trucks and other vehicles.

Can you wrap a leased truck?

Yes, we can wrap leased trucks. As we have removable wraps too so the wrap can easily be removed without any damage at the end of the lease period so you have got nothing to worry about.

How do I care for my truck wrap?

The vehicle wraps are made up of heavy-duty vinyl. To extend the life of your truck wraps, all you need to do is to keep your wraps clean and protect them from dirt or grime. We recommend you handwash your wraps. Use wet and non-abrasive detergent for the best care.

How long does truck wraps last?

In general, a truck wrap can last up to seven years. But it depends on what type of vinyl material is used. At Pixel Wraps, we use the highest quality vinyl material from 3M, Avery, and Oracal, for a better experience for our clients.

What type of trucks do you wrap?

We can wrap any type of truck you want. Some of the trucks that we wrap include box trucks, food trucks, moving trucks, and many other types. For further information, you can contact us.

Will the wrap damage the paint of the truck?

No, A vinyl wrap does not damage the high-quality paint. But in fact, they protect the surface of the vehicle and preserve the quality of paint underneath the wrap.