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Custom Trailer Graphics And Wraps In NJ And NYC

Trailers are one of the best ways to freight cargo items to market or simply keep valuable tools, materials, or equipment out of the weather. What many don’t realize is that while on the way to the next destination, your trailer can also act as your own commercial branding campaign. Here at Pixel Wraps, we turn boring, unadorned old trailers into mobile advertisements that help your business both increase sales and improve public exposure to your brand name, products, and services.
We provide trailer wraps — a type of vinyl sign seen in the NYC area that covers your entire vehicle with a full-color graphic design. This allows you to attract more attention on the road and get people excited about your next product or service. We are a vehicle wrap designing and printing company that works with clients in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We also have clients throughout New Jersey. With our central location, we understand the impact that vehicle advertising has on local businesses.

What are Trailer Wraps?

What are Trailer Wraps?

Trailer wraps are a long-lasting vinyl film, printed with custom artwork, that attaches to the sides and back of the trailer. With the look of paint but not the permanence, trailer wraps take your company’s investment and bring in a great return on its value with increased sales through advertising.

They also come in two types, full trailer wrap, and partial trailer wraps. A full trailer wrap can have the back, sides, and even the cab covered with vinyl that can be viewed from any side. Alternatively, a partial wrap can cover a portion of the trailer either with a rectangular or a custom-shaped trimmed graphic. It can even be your business logo or other information.

Why Wrap Your Trailer or Commercial Vehicle?

There are many benefits to wrapping your trailer with a beautiful custom sign from Pixel Wraps. It allows you to utilize the unused space on your truck exterior in order to both advertise your business and market your products and services indefinitely. Also since you own the wrap, that means that — unlike with TV, radio, and online ads where you must continue to pay daily, monthly, or quarterly rates — you are securing a high-impact, perpetually recurring advertisement for a one-time investment.

It’s also a great public relations and community outreach tool because customers are more comfortable and confident about your quality and professionalism when they see that you have a custom wrap decorating your trailer. With a well-executed wrap, your trailer is no longer an undefined mystery. Thanks to custom, original graphics it’s now your very own brand ambassador and vanguard sales force.

Design Your Own Trailer Wrap With Us

Each trailer wrap is individually printed and cut to size based on the dimensions of the trailer, or the desired dimensions of the design. Trimming is completed in-house using state-of-the-art precision-cut devices. These devices also create a factory cut edge that will sit on the trailer and give it that permanent appearance.

We use vinyl film from the Avery, 3M, and Oracal vehicle wrap product lines for our trailer wrap- full or partial. It is a four mil thick cast vinyl in pure white so that colors print accurately onto the material. For dark backgrounds, the coloring is done in the printing rather than by using tinted vinyl, allowing for more vivid imagery.

You can get any graphic printed onto the vinyl film through direct digital printing on wide-format printers. Through the use of latex inks, the range of possible colors allows for durable and photo-accurate imagery. Text, logos, and illustrations can also be printed onto vinyl film. The inks are UV-resistant so they will not fade in the sunlight when the trailer is in service.

There are different customization options that we provide that include:


After printing, a laminate can be applied that protects the printed graphics and vinyl from scratches and chips. It can help extend the life of the vinyl if a more permanent installation is required or if the trailer will be driving regularly through more inclement weather.


Vinyl comes from the manufacturer in either a glossy or matte finish. Glossy finishes tend to stand out with a slight shine, though they can show dirt more easily and might have a slight glare in bright light. Matte is easier to keep clean and in good condition.


To match the colors in a logo or your specific business palette, we use the Pantone Matching System to choose exact colors. just let us know about your requirements, the color you want and we have got it covered for you.

Customers can also choose between temporary removable or semi-permanent graphics with different vinyl films and options like overlaminate providing increased longevity. Semi-permanent wraps will typically last up to five years while temporary vinyl is designed for shorter-term use. Like all vehicle wraps, both kinds can be removed when needed, leaving a largely untouched trailer underneath.

Why Choose Us for Wrap Printing and Installing?

At Pixel Wraps, we are more than just an RV wrapping company or a vinyl wrap print shop. We are a full-service signage solutions provider complete with an in-house staff of dedicated, professional graphic designers. Our team also provides expert 3M-certified wrap installation; wrap removal and lamination for extra strength and protection from the elements.

Whether it’s your work truck or personal vehicle, you need to make sure it continues to look great while out on the road. We’ve been in the commercial graphics business for more than three decades and can’t wait to put our talents, skills, and experience to work for you. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your organization, business, or institution is getting access to the same expertise that has helped establish so many New York and New Jersey area businesses into the upper echelons of their industry sectors.

Our full-service graphic studio features award-winning artists and designers available night and day in order to help you with your custom design. Our 3M-certified installation team members are among the most experienced vehicle wrappers in the mobile ad industry.

We’re also more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our services. If you need a vehicle wrap that’s both expertly designed — as well as completed quickly, efficiently, and made to last, look no further than Pixel Wraps. We have fast printing options available, as well as an installation that can take place either off-site at our spotless, state-of-the-art facilities — or on-site at an appropriate location of your choosing.

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Contact Pixel Wraps Today For Commercial Fleet Wraps

Your vehicle is already on the road, in view of potential customers. It only makes sense to use that situation to your advantage. With our innovative methods of advertising — without the expensive monthly payments or recurring fees of other forms of media that continue to eat into your profits — you can now reap the rewards of a budget-friendly one-time payment for years to come. That’s what these trailer wraps provide: they are a surefire way to truly own your vehicle inside and out and to create a work of art that will pay for itself, one trip at a time.

To start the process, call Pixel Wraps at (718) 648-6500. We look forward to talking through your design ideas and vehicles and sharing more information about the vinyl wrapping process. We can also provide a free estimate for the cost of trailer wrapping in NYC and NJ. Let us help you put a smile on people’s faces while growing your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my trailer after getting wrapped?

You sure can. But it is suggested to let your wrap rest for one day max on your vehicle and then you can get it washed whenever you want.

Can you design the wraps according to what I want?

We sure can. We offer many different types of customization options. You can choose from different colors and we can print them for you however you like.

Does your wrap damage the vehicle?

No, it does not. Our wraps do not damage your vehicle in any case. Our professionals carefully install your wraps and when you want them removed they are also removed without damaging your vehicle.

How long does it usually take to install the wrap?

We make sure to install your wrap as soon as we can. But the period depends on your vehicle, bigger vehicles take more time than smaller ones.

Is there any fixed size of the wraps?

No, it is not. The size of the wraps depends on the size of your vehicle. If your vehicle is big or small we will wrap the exact size of your vehicle.

What is the best vinyl wrap for vehicles?

There are many low and high-quality vinyl manufacturers. But the best one is 3M, Avery, and Oracal. These brands offer the best vinyl wraps for cars and Pixel Wraps use these high-quality materials for your vehicle wraps.

What material do you use to make trailer wraps?

We use Avery Vinyl, which is the strongest type of vinyl and is sturdy too. We can easily print any type of graphics or lettering on it and it also stays for many years.