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Custom Trailer Wraps with Full Size Printing and Installation Services

Many businesses rely on both semi-trailers and full size trailers to transport goods all around the country. Far too often, these trailers are left blank. Custom trailer wraps from Pixel Wraps decorate these trailers with text and graphics that convert each vehicle into a mobile billboard.

Pixel Wraps was founded in 1990. We offer state of the art large format printing and wrapping throughout NYC and most of New Jersey. Our equipment includes large format printing machines, laminators, UV printers, and other modern vehicle wrap technology. We are able to wrap not only trailers but also trucks, buses, food carts, and many other vehicles.

Pixel Wraps has three locations. We do trailer wrapping in NYC (Brooklyn) and have additional wrap facilities in Linden, NJ, and Scranton, PA. Our trailer wrapping company is able to provide you with a custom wrap and seamless installation no matter where you are located. Call us today to get started.

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We wrap Trailers for small to large corporations Covering entire new york and new jersey state

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What is a Trailer Wrap?

Wraps are a type of adhesive vinyl that mounts onto a flat surface. Each wrap is created using a large format printer, with each section printed onto panels that can be applied on any flat surface, including trailers. The vinyl is applied flush with the surface, with custom graphics and text that transform the trailer into a decorated, mobile billboard.

Trailer wraps replace the need for custom painted vehicles. Wraps can be permanent or temporary. You send your graphics to Pixel Wraps. Each graphic is then printed on weatherproof vinyl. Each vinyl panel is then placed upon your trailer. Your installer then overlap and trims the panels to make one flawless image.

Each wrap is printed in 3M, Avery, or Oracal premium vinyl. This vinyl is designed to withstand extreme weather and road-related wear and tear. Lamination is also available for added durability. Laminated trailer wraps can have a gloss or matte luster finish. Anti-graffiti lamination is also available.

Commercial Trailer Wraps & Graphics Options

At Pixel Wraps, we can create vehicle wraps and signs that fit over a small portion or the entirety of your trailers. For most trailers, we recommend a partial wrap or spot graphics. This way, if you need to make small changes – such as changing a phone number, QR code, DOT numbers, or making a repair, you can do that without replacing the entire wrap. We can also wrap your entire vehicle if you have a specific design you expect to need in the long term. Product options include:

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Full Wrap

Full trailer wraps involve completely wrapping all three visible sides of the trailer.

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Partial Wrap

Partial trailer wraps cover only a part of the trailer. Can be combined with spot graphics.

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Spot Graphics

Spot graphics and vinyl lettering let you decorate or add text to small portions of your trailer.

Why Choose
Pixel Wraps?

Decades of Mastery

With over three decades in the industry, our expertise stands unparalleled, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

Your Ultimate Wrap Destination

From full wraps to spot graphics, we offer a wide array of services, making us your one-stop-shop for all your branding needs.

Tailored Just for You

Our team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.

Exceptional Bulk Benefits

Considering a substantial order or envisioning a long-lasting partnership? We’re well-equipped with highly competitive wholesale pricing options to give you the best value.

Benefits of Wrapping a Commercial Trailer Vehicle

Any business that uses trailers – whether it’s one trailer or many – benefits from trailer wraps. These wraps can be decorative or promotional. They have the potential to draw in business or create brand recognition. Companies that use these trailer wraps often find that their customers see them as more professional. Some business even use these wraps as another opportunity to earn revenue.

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Brand Awareness

Trailer wraps increase brand awareness by placing your custom graphics in full view of thousands of people every time it’s on the road.

Mobile Billboards

Your vehicle is a blank space that you own. You can convert it into a billboard that will be seen by thousands, every time you’re parked or on the road.
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Extra Protection

Not only does the vinyl vehicle wrap utilize its space, but it also protects the paint of the trailer from scratches and dings.
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High ROI

Once you have a wrap, it can stay on your vehicle for years with proper maintenance. That gives your trailer wrap a very high ROI.
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Cost Effective

You already own your trailer. That makes it far more cost effective. Wraps are affordable, and only need to be purchased once for years of marketing.

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Custom Graphics

Every trailer wrap that you use on your trailers is 100% customizable. They can be any image or idea that you can imagine.

Our Installers are​

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Our Trailer Wrapping Process

Our Trailer wrapping process covers everything from consultation to design, printing, and installation, ensuring your brand shines on the road.

We Create

Consultation to define your brand goals and vehicle needs.

We Design

Custom wrap layout by our in-house designers for maximum impact.

We Print

High-res digital printing on premium vinyl for durability and color.

We Install

Certified techs ensure a seamless, bubble-free wrap finish.

What Does Pixel Wraps Offer?

Pixel Wraps offers custom, high end vinyl wraps for trailers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and throughout NJ and PA. These are all areas with not only a lot of residents, but also a high cost of advertising space. That makes placing graphics on your trailers even more valuable. That is why businesses in this region turn to Pixel Wraps for all their vehicle wrapping services, as we are able to provide:

Our Wrap Facilities

Pixel Wraps is a NJ vinyl wrapping company. We are able to offer trailer wrapping services to an extended service area. We are able to provide vinyl wrapping services in NYC, NY State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. You can find our current wrapping locations on the maps below, or contact us if you’re interested in getting started. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wash My Trailer After it is Wrapped?

A: Yes! Once it has cured (typically after about one week), you can wash your trailer at any time. However to avoid damaging the vinyl, avoid any chemicals or abrasive scrub cleaners. It is best to use soapy water and rinse with a lint free cloth. Do not use power washers. Automatic car washes are not recommended.

Will the Trailer Wrap Damage the Body Paint?

Vinyl wraps are designed to be removable. There is typically no problem taking off our removable vinyl trailer wraps when they are applied to factory painted vehicles a clear coat. The only risk of damage is for trailers that have been painted after market with a light coat of paint or without sealants. Please let us know if your vehicle has been painted separately, so we can determine if we can still perform the wrap.

What Material Do You Use?

Our default material is Avery Vinyl. It is the strongest and most durable, offering the best combination of cost and value.

Are You Able to Design the Trailer Wrap?

Yes. Our graphic designers work with you to customize your wrap however you like. We can customize graphics, colors, typeface, and more.

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Installation Take?

From print to installation takes approximately 5 to 7 working days, depending on our current schedule. For large fleets, you may choose to do a few trailers at a time to avoid taking too many out of commission. Call us for more scheduling information.

Are There Any Restrictions for Wrapping My Trailer?

As long as you have all the mandated codes – company name, DOT numbers, and other federally mandated signage – then in almost all states and counties you are free to wrap your vehicle. We encourage you to contact your local authorities if you’re unsure.

Can You Make Recommendations?

Yes! We are intimately familiar with vinyl wraps. We can recommended different types of viny l(3M, Avery, Oracal) and different lamination options depending on your needs.