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On the road, trailers are one of the largest vehicles around. Their sides, anywhere from 10′ to almost 50’ long, are often filled with nothing but empty space. But with the right box trailer wrap, what you really have is a canvas with extensive space that works well for large scale graphics. These wraps are a great way to advertise a business, brand trailer ownership, and get views while on the road.

Trailer wraps are a long-lasting vinyl film, printed with custom artwork, that attaches to the sides and back of the trailer. With the look of paint but not the permanence, trailer wraps take your company’s investment and bring in a return on its value with increased sales through advertising. Pixel Wraps prints high-quality, custom vehicle wraps and installs them from our headquarters in NYC all throughout NY and NJ. Contact us today for a quote on your design ideas.

Additional Customization Options for Trailer Wraps Can Include:

Partial Trailer Wraps or Full Trailer Wraps

A trailer can have the back, sides, and even the cab covered with vinyl for a full wrap that can be viewed from any side. Alternatively, a partial wrap can cover a portion of the truck either with a rectangular or a custom shape trimmed around a graphic.

Large Format Printed Graphics

Any graphic can be printed onto the vinyl film through direct digital printing on wide format printers. Through the use of latex inks, the range of possible colors allows for durable and photo accurate imagery. Text, logos, and illustrations can also be printed onto vinyl film. The inks are UV-resistant so they will not fade in the sunlight when the trailer is in service.

Overlaminate for Additional Protection

After printing, a laminate can be applied. This protects the printed graphics and vinyl from scratches and chips. It can help extend the life of the vinyl if a more permanent installation is required or if the trailer will be driving regularly through more inclement weather.

Glossy or Matte Finishing

Vinyl comes from the manufacturer in either a glossy or matte finish. Glossy finishes tend to stand out with a slight shine, though they can show dirt more easily and might have a slight glare in bright light. Matte is easier to keep clean and in good condition.

Pantone Color Matching

To match the colors in a logo or your specific business palette, we use the Pantone Matching System to choose exact colors.

Customers can also choose between temporary removable or semi-permanent graphics with different vinyl films and options like overlaminate providing increased longevity. Semi-permanent wraps will typically last up to five years while temporary vinyl is designed for a shorter term use. Like all vehicle wraps, both kinds can be removed when needed, leaving a largely untouched trailer underneath.

Design, Installation, and Maintenance Requirements for Truck Wraps

For designs, a graphic is sized to the exact dimensions of the trailer if a full wrap, or to the covered area for a partial wrap. This can be done by a business’s design team or by our in-house designers who will also ready the file for printing.

As a 3M certified installer, we place vinyl wraps onto tractor trailers through the 3M recommended process. This involves completely cleaning the vehicle and then placing the vinyl onto the trailer. The adhesive is pressure activated, but will typically be applied with heat guns as well for a smooth finish. After installation, the vinyl will cure for 24 hours before the vehicle is ready for service again.

With a few special considerations for cleaning, trailer wraps require minimal maintenance during their service life. They are durable and can resist sun, water, chips, and scratches. Regular cleaning through handwashing or a brushless carwash can remove built up dirt. Fuel spills and debris like tree sap or bird droppings should be cleaned off as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Damage like scratches to the vinyl can also sometimes be removed through the application of heat. This can be done by an individual with experience in vinyl wraps, or by a professional.

A trailer wrap can be removed when needed or after they start to degrade – typically after 5 or more years. The wrap is peeled off, but professional removal ensures the paint below remains undamaged and handles any places where the vinyl has adhered.

To assist clients throughout the lifetime of their trailer wrap, Pixel Wraps provides design, installation, and maintenance services, as well as removal services when it is time to replace a wrap.

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We’ve created food trailer wraps, wraps for moving companies, freight companies, and more. Whether your trailer is part of a fleet or privately owned, we can help you take advantage of the advertising space it offers as a fabricator and certified trailer wraps installer.

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