We are a Specialized 3M Van Wrapping Company

Many businesses in NYC and NJ rely on vans to drive to service jobs or make deliveries. In such densely populated areas, thousands of people can see your van throughout the workday. For those with a fleet of vans, this impact grows exponentially. If your van or fleet is unbranded, your business is missing out on valuable impressions.

Van Wraps from Pixel Wraps can turn your ordinary van into a branding opportunity for your company. We are a vehicle wrapping company in NYC that fabricates and installs custom vinyl on both business and personal vehicles. We can wrap your vehicles partially or entirely with detailed and personalized designs. Contact us today to get started.

What Are Van Wraps And Their Benefits?

Van wraps are custom-printed vinyl that is applied to a vehicle for a look similar to a paint job, yet they are temporary, highly detailed, and won’t damage the van. Printed with business logos, contact information, and promotional imagery, van wraps allow business owners to take advantage of a capital investment they already have.

Businesses frequently benefit from vinyl wraps. They provide free mobile branding and advertising, generating views that would otherwise cost thousands. They are more professional, and those that see them feel more trust in the driver, and also have the potential to reduce theft.

Options for Customizing Van Wraps

Van wraps are made from a high grade cast vinyl film created especially for vehicle wraps, which is designed to adhere cleanly and flush to most vehicle surfaces and appear permanent – almost like paint. Wraps will last about 4-5 years, depending on weather and where the van is stored, before they need to be replaced. During that time, wraps can function as a mobile billboard and help protect the van’s paint.
We offer a wide range of customization options for van wraps, you can choose from:


Full Wraps can cover an entire vehicle and they look so real like Paint. You can get your company’s logo and custom graphics on the entire wrap or you can simply get different wraps colors or textured wraps of your choice. Full Wraps look attractive and provide your vehicle a professional look.


The vinyl film can also be trimmed to a custom shape for a partial covering, such as the sides of a van, a cut-out of a graphic, or a decal of your business logo. The dimensions for any shape are cut for a smooth and exact shape that will look permanent when applied.


When you need to display fleet numbers on your vehicle for the Department of Transportation or want to advertise a business name or contact information, vinyl letters can be cut from the film and applied to any part of the van. You can get a wide range of vinyl color options.

Besides these options, Vinyl wraps are also available in satin, matte, or glossy finishes. They are laminated to protect the graphics after printing, but can also have an overlay applied during installation to offer additional protection against wear and scratches that can occur during driving and use.

Each wrap, whether full or partial, is sized to the dimensions of the specific vehicle, based on manufacturer data. The year, make, and model of your van will be needed before beginning the design.

Our Van Wrapping Process

During the design process, our graphic designers take into account the placement of graphics when the vinyl is placed onto the vehicle. This includes using blueprints of the van for accurate measurements and considering ridges and corners in the van’s construction. Our in-house graphic designers render a design to fit the model of your van.

Pixel Wraps is a 3M certified installer. Our professional installers, clean the van by removing the accessories like bumpers and headlights. The vinyl wrap is then positioned and adhered to the surface of the van with pressure and heat guns.

By stretching the vinyl throughout the process, the vinyl goes on more smoothly and conforms to the van’s curves. Air can escape through special air channels built in the film, preventing it from becoming trapped and creating a bubble. After installation, the vinyl is given 12 to 24 hours for the adhesive to set, after which the van is ready to be on the road.

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Let Pixel Wraps Fabricate and Install a Custom Van Wrap

As a full-service Vehicle Wrapping company, We assist our clients in choosing the correct vehicle wraps for their business needs. With affordable rates, including free installation, Pixel Wraps can help transform your vehicle or fleet into a marketing opportunity. Call us today at (718) 648-6500 to learn more about our vinyl van wrap options and get a no-cost estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the wrap myself?

Yes, it is possible to install the wrap yourself. But, if you want your wrap to be bubble-free and completely stick to the skin of your vehicle, we will advise you to get it done by professionals.

Do you wrap the front side windows van wrap?

No, traffic laws prohibit the use of wraps front side windows, as well as the windshield so we can wrap it without any restrictions.

Does it matter what color my van wrap is ?

No, a vehicle wrap is not translucent; you cannot see what was printed before it.

How effective is van wrap?

Wrap advertisement is very economical sort of advertisement that can generate many impressions per miles.

How long do these wraps last?

The life of the wraps depends on your usage and how you take care of them. They can easily last for many years if placed correctly and are taken care of.

Is it better wrap or paint your van?

A vinyl wrap is the much cheaper option as compared to paint. And it has more designing and finishing options. So, because of these reasons, wraps are significantly becoming the preferred method.

Will you wrap the roof of my van?

Usually, we don’t wrap the roof of the vehicle, but we can wrap it at your request. If you want your vehicle roof wrapped you can easily for it while ordering your wrap and we will do it for you.