Convert Your Vans into Eye Catching Mobile Advertisements with Van Wraps

Van wraps convert unused and empty paint into a vibrant, custom mobile display. Pixel Wraps has over 20 years of experience with custom van wrapping. 

We combine premium vinyl wraps with state of the art technology to produce long lasting and crisp designs. Our installation team is also careful and thorough, with an eye for detail. 

For construction vans, delivery vans, cargo vans, or personal vans, turn to Pixel Wraps in custom van wraps in NYC, NJ, and PA.

What is a Van Wrap?

“Wrap” is a term for a type of thin vinyl print that adheres to a flat surface. Vinyl wraps can be placed on any type of vehicle, including vans, to add graphics and text that appears almost identical to custom paint. Businesses use vehicle wraps for brand recognition, advertising, or to give fleet vans a more professional and customized appearance.

Each carefully designed graphic is printed in on a large format printer using panels that are installed on part or all of the van. The vinyl is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. They are laminated for extra debris and UV protection, with both glossy and matte finishes available. Additional coating to protect against vandalism is also available. Wraps are affordable enough for short term use and replaceable. They can also be used for years when properly maintained.

product wrap

Latest Van Wraps by Pixel Wraps

Pixel Wraps has designed, printed, and installed many of the van wraps that you’ve seen on the road in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Our work van wrapping services are fully customizable, with bright and vibrant prints. Whether you have a single contractor van or an entire fleet of vehicles, you can trust that we’ll bring the highest quality designs to our work:

Let us wrap your Van the right way

We wrap Vans for small to large corporations Covering entire newyork and new jersey state

We wrap all types of Commercial Vans

Our experience with vehicle wraps makes it possible for us to create a wrap for any type of van – and every type of vehicle. We want you to contact us any time you’re considering a custom van wrap. We have crafted designs for entire fleets as well as individual vans. Our work includes:

truck wraps

Contractors Work Vans

We have wrapped vans for general contractors, electricians, utility company vans, and landscaping companies. 

trailer wraps

Delivery Vans

We create custom wraps with advertising information for econo line, cargo vans, freight vans, and other delivery vans.

trailer wraps

Step Vans

We have designed and installed van wraps for sprinters, Ford transit, Transit Connect, and many other van services.

food cart fully covered with wrap

Other Vans

If you work in food service, or you’re a cleaner, or you have your own personal van you need wrapped, Pixel Wraps can help.

Choose Your Van Wrapping Option

Pixel Wraps is capable of providing a full van wrap that covers the entire vehicle. We can also create small van decals with text or spot graphics. We often recommend vans consider a partial wrap. They are easier to maintain and replace, and more cost effective.

full van wrap

Full Van Wrapping

Full wraps provide end to end coverage on all sides of the van, including the roof if desired.

partial van wrap

Partial Van Wrapping

Partial wraps cover a portion of the van, and leave the rest either blank or with text/spot graphics.

custom vinyl lettering

Text Only

Text only vinyl decals are also available. These can be used for federal/state regulations or branding.

Benefits of Wrapping your Commercial Van

Every van represents an opportunity. Around your van is unused space. Van wraps are one way that creative businesses use that space. By placing custom vinyl wraps and van lettering on your vehicle, it is transformed into a moving billboard. Every place you drive and every place you park becomes an advertisement for your business or a chance to showcase your brand.

Each van wrap can be fully customized. You can add as many graphics as you prefer. You can choose colors that match your image. You can add text decals, or write sales information in a way that is easy to consume. Van wraps are not limited to any specific colors. Using our full color state-of-the-art large format printing, we can print any graphic in almost any color or shade.

Van wraps also offer additional benefits, such as paint protection. They are removable, which allows companies to change their message as needed. With the right lamination and care, van wraps can last for years and continue to offer branding and marketing benefits while they’re out on the road.



Vans with custom van wraps get noticed. You are able to make sure that your advertising is seen by as many people as possible while on the road.

recognition of the brand

Brand recognition

Every glance at your van while it’s on the road is a chance to brand your company. Once wrapped, your van becomes free branding.

fleet icon

Fleet Branding

Your fleet belongs to your business. Adding van wraps help your fleet look more professional and give the appearance of being a team.

icon for product promotion

Product Promotion

Van wraps are a great way to promote a product or service. They can also be sold to your customers for a profit.

Proudly Made in the USA by Premium Vinyl Manufacturers

We use only premium vinyl, created by some of the most well known vinyl manufacturers. Every wrap brand we use is made in the USA. Each has different advantages depending on your needs.

logo of 3m

3M Preffered Installers

3M has over 120 years creating the finest quality vinyl products.

avery dennison logo

Avery Dennison

Avery is our preferred vinyl for van wraps, as it is extremely durable.

logo of general formulations

General Formulations

General Formulations is known for its high end vinyl films.

mactac logo


Mactac makes long lasting removable adhesive for a better overall wrap.

logo of oracle


Oracal creates vinyl that is capable of withstanding extreme weather and elements.

What Companies Benefit from Van Wrapping?

Any company that has their own vans or fleet vehicles benefits from a wrap. The exterior space of a vehicle is typically unused. Wraps transform it in ways that grow your business and protect your investment. Pixel Wraps also offers discounts for fleets of vans. Below are some of the industries that use our products:

fleet truckers

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies improve driver safety with wraps.

moving movers

Transportation Companies

Transport companies grab attention to their services.

furniture icon


Product manufacturers get free advertising real estate.

freight hauler icon


Marketing agencies show what van wraps can do.

food vehicle icon


Restaurants and caterers get people excited for their cuisine.

fruit vehicle icon

Food Deliveries

Food delivery companies can help excite people about food.

Our Van Wrap Process

Call Pixel Wraps now to begin. We can walk you through the process of completing your fleet of vans. Our step by step process completes the design to installation often in a week or less.

process1 2
team consulting


During the first stage, we’ll talk to you about your project and calculate a no obligation quote for the service.

2nd step in process
designing services


You send us all of the graphics or ideas you want in your design, and we will turn it into something that exceeds expectations.

printing services
printing services

Print productions

Once approved, our talented designers will begin the printing process to create the panels that will become your wrap.

process icon for number 3
maintenance mobile

On the Road

Once the van has been cleaned and perfected, you are ready to start catching the attention of anyone that views the van.

inspection services


We trim any excess vinyl, smooth it out, and clean the vehicle so that it is ready to be out on the town.

installation services
installation services


We have a team of certified installers that are ready to carefully place each large format panel print.

Why Choose Pixel Wraps?

Pixel Wraps is an experienced, high tech vinyl wrap company. Many of the fleets you see on the road today were created by our team. We use only state of the art equipment, premium inks and vinyl, and a team that receives ongoing training in technique and technology. Pixel Wraps guarantees its quality, responds quickly to any problems, and has a team that knows how to match your vision.

Get Ready to Wow, With Custom Vinyl Wraps from Pixel Wraps

quality guarantee icon

Quality Guarantee

customer service icon

Great Customer Service

team icon

Knowledgeable Team

made in usa icon

Made in the USA

Our Service Area and Map

After over 30 years of working in the world of signs and vinyl wraps, we at Pixel Wraps understand what is needed to thrive in this local area. We have two locations for van wraps: One in Brooklyn in NYC, serving areas like Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island. The other is in Linden, NJ, serving Newark, Elizabeth, Bayonne, Rahway, Jersey City, and Piscataway.

Start Today – Call Pixel Wraps for All Vehicle Wrapping Needs

Van wraps convert a standard commercial van you already own into a striking one. Pixel Wraps has competitive quotes to install these wraps on any number of fleet vehicles. Using only premium vinyl and a carefully managed printing and installation process, Pixel Wraps is ready to provide you with a competitive quote. Call today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Wash the vehicle only with soapy water, no chemicals, and no harsh scrubbing tools (a lint free cloth is strongly recommended). It is best to avoid pressure washers and automatic car washes.

Yes. We have very experienced graphic designers that have worked exclusively with vinyl vehicle wraps for many years.

Yes! Your vinyl wrap should not damage any original manufacturer paint. If you have had your van painted prior to obtaining the wrap, please let Pixel Wraps know as this can affect adhesion with the wrap.

Van wraps typically take about 7 days from the moment we begin the design to the completed installation. Scheduling, edits, and other factors could affect this timeframe.