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Wrap Your Work Van With Custom Graphics

Van wraps help to cover your commercial vehicle partially or entirely to grab more attention for your business. It can turn your blank van into a moving billboard and advertise round the clock. At Pixel Wraps, our specialty is printing and wrapping commercial vans to enhance their appearance on the street. We are recognized as the best NYC graphics wrapping company by local small businesses. Let us wrap your commercial van according to your industry needs.

What Is A Van Wrap?

A wrap is a printed adhesive vinyl that is mounted on any type of flat surface. These vinyl’s can be installed by using a paneling system which is similar to wrapping a wall. We print the graphics in large panels and install them on the vehicle with a precise overlapping process, done by our certified 3M installers. Once the vinyl is aligned and installed, the installers trim the edges to make it look perfect. The wrap is then cleaned with a special cleaning solution.

The purpose of these van wraps is to make the graphics look better than your competitors. By using your company logo, fonts, and colors, we can enhance your vehicle’s appearance on the streets and compel passersby to read your custom message. Back in the days, NYC had only sign painters who used to hand-lettered the vehicle with oil-based paint. Now, we can eliminate such messy processes and smoothly design your dream message on your vehicle.

What Are The Type Of Van Wraps Coverage Available At Pixel Wraps?

You can create the van wrap as per your unique business needs. Our custom graphic designers offer various types of van wraps for your business. This includes:

Full Van Wrapping: Full wraps cover an entire vehicle including trucks, busses, food carts, commercial vans, and boats. They deliver a dramatic message to the audience, viewers, and bargain hunters. It covers all the way from the front of the vehicle to its back, and from the sides to its roof. We can place them on windows too which will make them opaque. Or, we can wrap the windows with a one-way vision film which will prevent blocking the windows. If your commercial vehicle passes thousands of vehicles on the highways, then a full truck wrap is a way to go for.

Partial Van Wrapping: A partial vehicle wrap is a more economical choice as compared to full vehicle wraps. The partial vehicle wrap can cover up to 3/4th of your vehicle with custom spot graphics placed strategically. This is the way to go for many businesses as it’s easy to update your services or company name with a partial wrap. You can cover a large image, a logo, or even a picture of the work you had done in the past. The most popular advertising elements with partial van wraps on the trucks can include your company name,  logo, website, social icons, QR code, and even your professional license number.

Vehicle Lettering: Cad cut lettering also called vinyl lettering is another simple process that has been used since back in the 80s. It is a more focused type of advertisement for your commercial vehicles. If you don’t prefer to cover your vehicle with complex graphics, we offer vinyl or vehicle lettering to use attractive fonts to highlight your company name, contact info, and current deals. In this process, we use plotters to contour cut the custom color vinyl. A vector file is needed to cut these custom color vinyl through a plotter. These lettering can be either in the shape of font, logo, or anything.

What Type Of Materials Used For Van Wrapping?

The van wrap materials can be customized. Generally, the wraps are made from weather-resistant adhesive vinyl. However, you can choose a repositionable cast vinyl, a perforated vinyl, etc. Apart from these standard vinyl options, you can choose specialty vinyl materials to add a professional standard to your commercial van. The list of van wrap materials can be categorized as the following:

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

The durability of the wraps is usually determined by the type of materials used. However, permanent materials like cast films even last between three to seven years depending upon your maintenance routine. The best part of using permanent vinyl materials is that these can be removed easily without damaging the vehicle’s existing paint.

Removable Adhesive Vinyl

There are removable adhesive vinyl’s available for businesses who want a non-permanent van wrapping solution. At Pixel Wrap, we prefer to use the calendered film when it comes to creating a non-permanent vehicle wrap. Generally, calendered laminate films are ideal for developing customized high-quality graphics for a period of a few weeks to a few months.

Most Popular Industry Who Must Have Wraps

Van wraps allow you to create a professional image and advertise your services on the road. No matter if you are a local plumber, a general contractor, or a restaurant chain, wrapping your van is the way to go. We at Pixel wraps had worked with plenty of different types of industries all around NYC and New Jersey who loved our wrapping services, some of them are listed below.

  • Delivery vans.
  • Contractors.
  • Service-based companies.
  • Restaurants.
  • Business services.
  • Professional trader.
  • Real estate companies.
  • HVAC companies.
  • Security companies

Our Wrapping Services & Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Wrapping Installation & Removal Services: We have 3M certified and licensed graphic installers working with us that enable us to offer professional wrap installation services. To offer a professional wrap removal service, we clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying the graphics. It helps the adhesive bond and makes the removal easy.
  • Onsite Installation Service: Having highly trained experts at our services, we offer an onsite installation service for our clients. Our work is recognized and trusted by the local small businesses across the world’s one of the busiest cities, NYC. If you want your van to be wrapped at your commercial premises, you can contact us. Here at Pixel Wraps, we are trying our best to offer guaranteed satisfaction to our clients.
  • Fleet or National Accounts Discount: We understand your budget concern, especially while starting a new business. It’s pretty difficult to keep the expenses high for promotional activities. But, you can’t afford to ignore this phase. So, we have a fleet or national accounts discount offer for your vans.
  • Optional Lamination: Laminating your vehicle wrap will improve the durability of the wraps, add more protection against scratches, fading, and even UV rays. Your vehicle will look spectacular in the blazing sun when it’s laminated. However, not every business owner prefers lamination. Therefore, we have it as an optional service for your benefit. If you want your wrap to be laminated, we can do it for you.

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Van Wrapping?

We have been helping our clients with mobile advertising solutions for the last two decades which enabled Pixel Wraps to gather a lot of knowledge and expertise in this field. We are a family-owned and operated company and all our installers are 3M certified. We understand that vehicle wraps have the power of advertising your business in such a way that none other forms of media can. We are a certified graphics installation company specialized in professional printing, designing, installation, and removal of high-quality van wraps or vehicle graphics. That’s why we can make your vehicle a mobile billboard, advertising the business every day. No matter what type of commercial van you have, we offer high-quality van wraps to help you succeed in grabbing more customer’s attention towards your business.

The Ultimate Benefits Of Choosing Commercial Van Wraps

Customized vehicle or van wraps have been growing in popularity over the years for several reasons. The ultimate benefits of choosing commercial van wraps include,

  • Moving Billboard: Van wraps work as a moving billboard, advertising your brand everywhere you drive your vehicle. With a small investment, you can get this moving billboard to represent your brand for the next six to seven years.
  • Changeable Graphics: Changeable graphics are flexible and simple materials and solutions for all your short-term promotional needs. You can support equipment rentals, seasonal campaigns, and generate more revenue with van wraps made of this.
  • Better Visuals With Large Graphics: Large graphics always get higher attention from passersby. Thanks to computers and technology, we can design and click print your dream artwork or message as big as you want within a reasonable time.
  • Advertise Anywhere: Van wraps allow you to advertise your business even when your vehicle is being parked under the scorching sun. You can drive locally or long-distance, still, a cleverly designed vehicle will continue advertising for your brand.
  • Grab Attention: The commercial vans wrapped properly can attract huge attention regardless of the places you are driving to. The more people look at your vehicles and grab the information, the higher impact it will create for your brand.
  • Consumer-Friendly Advertising: No one wants to deal with unnecessary pop-up ads while they are trying to relax. Advertising with van wraps is not that aggressive.  It invites people to read your message when they have the time or they are interested.

Get In Touch With Us:

Getting in touch with us is super easy. You can start the process by sending us your artwork or design file in vector or eps format. Our team will review it and get back to you. We have our experienced professionals to be paired with you if you are finding no head or tail in terms of what type of vehicle wraps you want. At Pixel Wraps, our services are not limited to NYC but we offer all types of wraps, wraps removals from Brooklyn NY to New Jersey and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). For any queries, you can contact us and get further information.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I install the wrap myself?

Yes, it is possible to install the wrap yourself. But, if you want your wrap to be bubble-free and completely stick to the skin of your vehicle, we will advise you to get it done by professionals.

Do you wrap the front side windows van wrap?

No, traffic laws prohibit the use of wraps front side windows, as well as the windshield so we can wrap it without any restrictions.

Does it matter what color my van wrap is ?

No, a vehicle wrap is not translucent; you cannot see what was printed before it.

How effective is van wrap?

Wrap advertisement is very economical sort of advertisement that can generate many impressions per miles.

How long do these wraps last?

The life of the wraps depends on your usage and how you take care of them. They can easily last for many years if placed correctly and are taken care of.

Is it better wrap or paint your van?

A vinyl wrap is the much cheaper option as compared to paint. And it has more designing and finishing options. So, because of these reasons, wraps are significantly becoming the preferred method.

Will you wrap the roof of my van?

Usually, we don’t wrap the roof of the vehicle, but we can wrap it at your request. If you want your vehicle roof wrapped you can easily for it while ordering your wrap and we will do it for you.