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Van Wraps – Complete and Partial 3M Vinyl Wrap Services

Your work van is more than just a way to get to a job site, transport your products or store your tools and materials. It is also a mobile piece of property in view of millions of people in NYC and NJ. It is an extension of your brand and a tool that can be efficiently used to show others that you are a professional and exceptional company they can trust.

That is why so many businesses in New York City and surrounding areas recognize the importance of turning their van into a moving advertisement — and one that they can use to both extend their brand reach, as well as market their products and services to potential customers. At Pixel Wraps, we provide custom van wraps to thousands of NYC area businesses with satisfied van sign customers all over New York and New Jersey. A van wrap allows you to reach the largest market in the country without the recurring costs that broadcast media and online ads require.

Every member of our graphic design department is a seasoned veteran in creating original, entertaining and memorable wraps that can offer even the smallest of business the same cutting edge look as larger firms. They will collaborate with you on perfectly conceptualized ad copy, attractive color schemes and other enticing decorative elements. Our graphics will bring a smile to the faces of you, your staff, as well as the public at large. We craft both full size van wraps and partial van wraps featuring exceptional designs for businesses that are hoping to improve their brand and communicate your ideas to the public in an innovative way.

Our wraps start with the highest quality cast vinyl film available — including industry standards such as 3M, Avery and Oracal — and are installed by our expert team of van wrap professionals. Our staff possesses decades of experience with vehicle wraps, and our immaculate, state-of-the-art facilities are second to none. Let us put our commercial-grade equipment, tools, as well as our combined knowledge and skills to work for you. In just a few days we can transform your company van into a mobile billboard that will reach new customers in order to grow your business for years to come.

Why You Should Consider a Van Wrap Company in NYC & NJ

There are many benefits to using van wraps on your company’s vehicles. Some of these benefits include:

Driver Accountability

When the drivers of your branded vehicles are on the road, they know and understand that their actions are a reflection on your business. That means that they will not only pay more attention to their driving but also their behavior. It brings home the fact that any negative perception of them may affect you as an employer and, by extension, come back to also affect them. This will help you to avoid accidents, traffic tickets, lawsuits and bad publicity, as well as keep your vehicles in better condition. Including a phone number on your graphic will also allow you to learn about any wrongful behavior being done either to or by your workers.

A More Professional-Looking Vehicle Goes a Long Way

Whether you’re a contractor or retail business, van wrapping in NY will brand all of your fleet vehicles in order to makes you appear more professional to your customers. A custom graphic on your work van puts their mind at ease when you show up at any location. Customers and neighbors always appreciate seeing an identifying brand on your van when you arrive. It immediately lets them know who you are and why you’re there. Whether it’s a current client or a potential one, marketing experts all understand that the right look goes a long way in winning over others and gaining a loyal customer base.

Mobile and Fixed Branding wherever (and whenever)

Your company van belongs to you. So when it is on the road, anyone who can see your vehicle should be able to know your brand name, products and services as if they were visiting your store or office. This type of exposure allows all those future potential customers to learn more about you. This turns a traditionally wasted part of the day (being on the road), into something that is potentially useful for your company. A wrap can even offer you ad exposure while your van is parked on the street, winning you additional clients while your vehicle sits idle. You’re already paying the parking meter; you might as well get some free marketing out of it.

Whether you have a company van, car or truck, wraps are affordable, high quality and long lasting. They are designed to make an immediate visual impact that, unlike other forms of mass marketing, require no additional costs to you after the initial investment. They can also be easily swapped out to begin a brand new marketing campaign and premiere a new product or service on demand. At Pixel Wraps you can get your van, car and food cart wrapped in a custom, colorful sign for a low cost. Your wrap will pay for itself every time you take it out on the road.

Choose the Van Wrapping Experts in NYC, New Jersey and More

We are a New York-based van wrapping studio that happily provides complete truck wrap services to businesses all over the tri-state area. Throughout New York and New Jersey, Pixel Wraps uses their laminated 3M wraps for affordable prices to any company or organization that needs to brand their fleet vehicles.

With both full and partial wraps available, as well as free installation and low cost maintenance, Pixel Wraps is the number one choice for businesses that want to more fully utilize their fleet vehicles and ensure that their vans are making them even more money. With van wrap advertising, you’re always in control of where and when to promote your business’s products and services.

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Let Pixel Wraps Put You in the Driver’s Seat

To learn more about our van wrapping services, call us today at (718)-648-6500. We’re happy to provide you with a no obligation quote and answer any questions you may have about our van wrapping services. Let us put you in the driver’s seat of an innovative, affordable and effective marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the wrap myself?

Yes, it is possible to install the wrap yourself. But, if you want your wrap to be bubble-free and completely stick to the skin of your vehicle, we will advise you to get it done by professionals.

Do you wrap the front side windows van wrap?

No, traffic laws prohibit the use of wraps front side windows, as well as the windshield so we can wrap it without any restrictions.

Does it matter what color my van wrap is ?

No, a vehicle wrap is not translucent; you cannot see what was printed before it.

How effective is van wrap?

Wrap advertisement is very economical sort of advertisement that can generate many impressions per miles.

How long do these wraps last?

The life of the wraps depends on your usage and how you take care of them. They can easily last for many years if placed correctly and are taken care of.

Is it better wrap or paint your van?

A vinyl wrap is the much cheaper option as compared to paint. And it has more designing and finishing options. So, because of these reasons, wraps are significantly becoming the preferred method.

Will you wrap the roof of my van?

Usually, we don’t wrap the roof of the vehicle, but we can wrap it at your request. If you want your vehicle roof wrapped you can easily for it while ordering your wrap and we will do it for you.