We Wrap Busses in NYC and NJ Areas

When it comes to promoting your business using fleet wraps, the larger and readable the graphics and text are, the more impactful it is . For this reason, buses make an ideal location for sign installation. Because they move throughout the state, they can place the advertisement in front of thousands of people rather than a stationary sign, all on a vehicle that you own.

Bus wraps are frequently used on shuttle buses, casino buses, party buses, political buses, and more in the areas in NY and beyond. To take advantage of the benefits offered by advertising on a bus, Pixel Wraps creates and installs custom vinyl bus wraps. Using large format printing, we can print your custom business logo, graphics, product photos, and more onto your bus wraps. Learn about the options we offer for bus wraps or start your design for a vinyl wrap by contacting our team.

What are Bus Wraps And Their Importance?

What are Bus Wraps And Their Importance?

Bus wraps are vinyl wraps that are made of many different graphics or colors that adhere to the side of the bus to completely or partially cover it. These wraps are fully customizable and offer more options than paint.

Bus wraps are much more generalized than other advertisement forms. They help you reach a wide variety of audiences, providing a huge canvas for your advertisements. They also help reach large demographics.

Specifications of Our Bus Wraps

Graphics for bus wraps are printed on vinyl film manufactured by the leading vinyl fabricators Avery, Oracal, and 3M. It is a premium cast vinyl, meaning that it is made from liquid vinyl that is poured, or “cast,” into a mold. When applied to a vehicle, it adheres smoothly and resembles a paint. The vinyl for the wrap comes in white and is colored by printing on the surface.

These vinyl films are also available in matte or glossy finishes depending on the desired look. Custom graphics are printed with latex inks on large format printers. The latex inks yield bright and clear colors, excellent weather durability, and also offer extensive color options for greater depth in the printed design. The scale of the printing process makes it possible to render the entire wrap image without seams.

Then the wraps can be finished with or without lamination. When used, lamination provides a protective coating over the graphics and base layer vinyl that can extend the life of the wrap.

Our wraps last for up to 5 years and can be easily removed at any time before that. They can withstand sun, rain, snow, and salt during the winters. When removed, they do not damage the paint beneath and offer protection from chips caused by rocks while in place.

What Options Are Available for Custom Bus Wrapping?

Beyond choosing the vinyl finishes and printed graphics, clients can also select from options depending on the size of the wrap and where it will be installed. These include:


A cut-out of your business logo can go on the door or back of your company’s bus. Alternatively, trimming around a design can create a unique partial wrap.


Like custom painting, a full wrap covers the entirety of the bus, with or without window coverings.


Vinyl window wraps can be used on the inside of the bus to provide advertising for passengers.


The common option for bus wraps, exterior wraps are placed on the outside so that those in other cars or on the sidewalk can view them.


Perforated vinyl can be placed over the windows of the bus. This creates a solid design from a distance that cannot be seen through but allows passengers on the bus to see out through small perforations.


Wraps can be installed for a short-term advertising campaign or can be a more permanent installation lasting approximately 4 to 5 years before needing to be removed.

Bus wraps are often sold by municipalities and private companies as advertising, to help pay for the vehicle. They can also be used by the bus owners, creating a professional appearance that also advertises the business across the entirety of the state.

Bus Wrap Designing Process

The measurements of the buses are a starting point for any wrap design. These measurements are typically found on vehicle blueprints and loaded into the graphics program. Depending on the type of design and content, graphics are mirrored on either side of the bus, or one full cover design with unique designs on both sides.

Our professional graphic designers also take into account the 3D nature of the vehicle, including any curvature on the bus and how that will affect the readability of the design due to any glare or non optimal viewing angles. Once the design file has been approved on mockups, the file and cutting dimensions are used to fabricate the wrap.

For the installation process, our certified 3M installers first clean and polish your vehicle. Then the vinyl film is applied in sections, held in place with the adhesive backing on the film. Heat is used to mold the vinyl to the surface of the bus and edges and corners are trimmed and folded so that they do not show.

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3M Vinyl Bus Wraps From Pixel Wraps

Whether you need the buses branded for your business or for regularly selling advertising, Pixel Wraps can create and install professional-grade graphics that let your bus stand out from other vehicles on the road.

We serve our clients in all five NYC boroughs (Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens) and many cities and townships in NJ including Elizabethtown, Jersey City, and Linden. We use a process that happens entirely in-house on state-of-the-art equipment from design to fabrication to installation. This means our turnaround time can be as little as a few days to have your buses back in service as soon as possible.

Give us a call at (718) 648-6500 so that we can talk about your project ideas and provide you with a free estimate for a custom vinyl bus wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are partial bus wraps also offered?

Yes, they are. We can not only make full wraps for you but we can also make partial wraps to cover only a partial part of your vehicle.

Do bus wraps scratch easily?

Regardless of that vinyl is a very strong and durable material, it’s still a film on the surface of the bus. So they are pretty open to scratches and scrapes.

Do you offer permanent and temporary wraps?

We sure do. We can design permanent wraps for your vehicle and we can also design temporary wraps for you so that you can easily get it changed whenever you want.

If I remove the wrap from my vehicle, will it damage the skin?

It will not. Wraps can be easily removed from the vehicle. You can do that by applying heat at one corner using a hairdryer or any other item that won’t cause fire and then peel it. But as buses are a huge vehicle, we will suggest getting them removed from professionals.

What are the bus wraps options available?

There are different types of options available. You can choose from different colors, graphics, and other customization options.

What are the sizes available for wraps?

The size of the wraps depends on the size of your vehicle. We take the size of your vehicle before designing the wrap for you so that we make sure that the wrap sits tight on your vehicle just as you imagined.

What is the advantage of wrap on paint?

Paintings take a lot of time whereas wraps can be printed in less time and can be easily installed too. They can also protect your vehicle from wear and tear and can stay for many years.