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Bus Wraps are a great way to either upgrade your fleet or update your existing vehicle graphics. Widely considered one of the most cost-effective and impactful marketing tools, research studies illustrate how these mobile advertisements offer your brand up to a thousand unique views, or impressions for every four cents that you spend.

Whether you’re looking to wrap one bus or an entire fleet, Pixel Wraps can help. With a choice of full wraps, partial wraps or minimalist logo lettering we can accommodate any size budget or vehicle. Another benefit to vehicle wraps is the quick turnaround time for installation, especially when compared to other methods such as commercial vehicle painting.

What are Bus Wrap?

A bus wrap is a specialized type of custom graphic made up of several sections of durable vinyl decals that adhere to the bus exterior. It is designed to maximize advertising efforts for your transportation services by functioning as a roving mobile billboard. Bus wraps familiarize both pedestrians and drivers with your brand — including your unique logo, proprietary colors and other graphics associated with your business.

A partial bus wrap will normally cover between 25% and 75% of your vehicle, while a full wrap covers 100% of your vehicle. To “step it up a notch”, Pixel Wraps also offers full coverage wraps that decorate all four sides of the bus and can even include as much of your vehicle roof as federal transportation regulation will allow.

Both full and partial wraps are made from premium polyvinyl chloride — otherwise known as PVC or cast vinyl — from industry standard producers such as 3M and Avery. Our bus wraps also include a special UV protection barrier that is guaranteed to prevent fading from sun exposure.

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Latest Work by Pixel Wraps

Our Bus wrap services can help you advertise your business on the road. We believe in professional and top-notch work. Please take a look at our previous work with some of our clients in NY and NJ.

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Let us wrap your bus the right way

We wrap buses for small to large corporations Covering entire newyork and new jersey state

Bus Wrapping Options

For businesses both large and small, we can offer an array of options that cover your commercial vehicle wrap needs. They include:

full van wrapping

Full Bus Wrapping

This wrap encompasses the entire truck. Known as “end to end” coverage, it can include both permanent and removable material — allowing durability, as well as an easy way to modify and change your current graphics. These come complete with lamination, as well as the options for to include the front and back of the bus — known as “4 sides”, as well as the car roof.

green partial wrap on van

Partial Bus Wrapping

If you are looking for a logo, and some short yet sweet words — known in the industry as Spot graphics — a partial bus graphic is an easy to replace, easy to change, as well as cost-effective option.

vinyl lettering on van

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering typically covers a small area of the vehicle. They can be letters, numbers, shapes, or a logo that can be in different colors and sizes. You can wrap them on your bus to grab the attention of onlookers.

Our Installers are

logo of 3m
avery dennison logo
logo of general formulations
mactac logo
logo of oracle

Benefits of Graphics on Buses

As we mentioned earlier, all the available research points to the great value of bus wraps as an advertising tool. In fact, according to vinyl film manufacturer 3M, bus wraps can earn close to 70,000 daily impressions in typical rural and suburban areas with more spread-out development. It’s easy to extrapolate this to mean an even greater number of views in a more densely populated region such as the New York City-New Jersey-Eastern Pennsylvania metro.

In addition to optimizing your outreach efforts and stretching your advertising budget, bus wraps also protect the vehicle surface below. Whether it’s salt spray from a winter road or location along the shore, small scratches from overhanging branches or vandalism such as graffiti, your bus wrap will bear the brunt of any minor cosmetic damage, protecting your valuable paint job.

With such a wide range of benefits, it’s no wonder that every type of organization — from public transit to shuttles, double-deckers, tour companies and long distance transport coaches — utilize these versatile vehicle graphics.

Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue

Bus wraps act as a 24/7/365 roving mobile billboard. They utilize “free real estate” or space that you already own. They can help promote your brand with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Effect on People

Effect on People Passing by

Ask anyone in the service industry. Uniform fleets are professional fleets. It also helps your brand to become more recognizable. Pedestrians, customers and drivers looking at your trucks will be more familiar with your messaging “at a glance”, making your brand a household name.

Paint protection 1

Paint Protection

Vinyl is durable enough to prevent the undercoat surface of the bus from fading or scratching. It also offers protection from the weather and, as we mentioned earlier, graffiti.

Fully Changeable

Fully Changeable Graphics

Custom Bus wraps make it possible to swap out your messaging at any time. This offers you freedom with your marketing and messaging.

Who can benefit from Bus Wrap

At Pixel Wraps, we can create custom bus and trailer wraps for any size and can make it with nearly any type of design. We create bus wraps that include, but are not limited to:

fleet truckers

Casino Bus Wraps

A well designed and installed bus wrap help your passengers identify your company’s buses.

moving movers

Party Bus Wraps

Party bus wraps not only familiarize people with your name also a way for brand recognition in smart way.

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Shuttle Bus Wraps

There are variety of different shuttle bus companies depends on wraps who is arriving to pick them up.

freight hauler icon

School Bus Wraps

It's a great way to spread the name of your school, as well as ensure that students getting on the right bus.

food vehicle icon

Political Bus Wraps

Mostly used in election days in order to conduct voter registration.

fruit vehicle icon

Charities, Book Mobiles, Blood Drives, And More

Organizations needs in order to get its message out there and provide an additional services.

Who can Benefit from Bus Wraps

We can create custom bus and trailer wraps for any size and can make it with nearly any type of design. We create bus wraps that include, but are not limited to:

  • Public Transit Buses
  • School / College Buses
  • Travel and Touring Companies
  • Temporary Graphics for Media Shoots
  • Artist / Actor Buses
  • Casino Buses
  • Shuttle Bus Wraps
  • Political Bus Wraps
  • Party Bus Wraps
  • Charities, Fund Raising Drives, and more.

Our Bus Wrapping Process

This section will explain how our wrap process works. In 4 short steps. We need 2-3 lines content to explain. And then each step with max 10 words. For better understanding of content requirement, please check the below mentioned screenshot or review directly from the live page.

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Contact Pixel Wraps by email, phone or — or simply visit one of our installation centers — to contact a wrap design specialist, including a no-commitment price quote.



Once we have agreed on a basic design, we’ll move on to a “soft-proofing” process that allows you to address any necessary changes.


Print Production

Our large format printers can accommodate any size vehicle for precision-cut graphics that cover your entire, or partial vehicle contours, curves and straight edges.


Installation & Inspection

We offer model and make-specific measuring guidelines, including and in-person inspection prior to installation to ensure that any size modifications are included in the final measurement.

Bus Wrap Durability You Can Depend On

We know that in the Northeastern US, harsh winters, road salt — combined with the minor scrapes and scratches that go hand-in-hand with working in an urban environment — can really do a number on your company vehicles’ exteriors. Whether in NYC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut our bus wraps will protect your valuable paint from the type of wear-and-tear that comes with this challenging territory. In addition to the surprising strength of “plastic” vinyl, our warrantee will cover your graphic over its expected service life. This will depend on the exact location, conditions and expected “drive times” of your bus. All Pixel Wraps vehicle graphics are guaranteed to not fade for one year.

long wrap logo1
long wrap logo2
long wrap logo3

Large, Accommodating Installation Facilities

A dependable wrap installation requires a clean, almost immaculate mounting area. Our warehouse-sized installation center equipped with state-of-the-art air filtration is designed to ensure a flawless installation that minimizes any potential product contamination. We can effortlessly accommodate even the largest vehicle fleets.

We have workshops located in New York City; Linden, NJ, and Scranton, PA. If you have the right facilities, we also offer on-site installation. Want to keep your buses close to home? We’ll come to you and get the job done!

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Why Pixel Wraps?

We’re the leading full-service commercial graphics provider in the NYC area. We also keep it local with local knowledge. With our more than three decades of experience serving the five boroughs, as well as the entire state of New Jersey, the Pixel Wraps team can create premium vinyl wrap design, printing, and installation. We also feature both cast and calendered lamination for the look you want for a price you can afford.

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Our Bus Wrap Facilities

Over 30 years in business, and many more to go , serving the two area with locations in New York and New Jersey

Get In Touch With Us

Getting in touch with us is super easy. You can start the process by sending us your artwork or design file in vector or eps format. Our team will review it and get back to you. We have our experienced professionals to be paired with you if you are finding no head or tail in terms of what type of vehicle wraps you want. At Pixel Wraps, our services are not limited to NYC but we offer all types of wraps, wraps removals from Brooklyn NY to New Jersey and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). For any queries, you can contact us and get further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is unique. The total cost depends on factors that include:
• The size of the truck.
• Wrap size — Including Whether it is a full or partial wrap.
• Lamination, weather-proofing options.
For example, a 14’ box truck will typically be around $1400. A 24’ box truck will be around $2400. There may be an additional fee for premium vinyl (~25%) and lamination. We are able to offer deep discounts for full fleet vehicle wrapping, as well as large organizations, truckers, and contractors.

Yes, all of our bus installation centers are fully indoor for a consistent, dependable micro climate to ensure a successful mounting.

Yes, it is removable by anyone with experience. For larger vehicles, we also possess the equipment to reach high, hard to access spots without ladders.

Yes, we offer reduced prices for frequent customers, large accounts and referrals.