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Buses are some of the largest vehicles currently on the road in the United States. They are almost exclusively operated by municipal and commercial organizations. They also include hundreds of square feet of free ad space — acting as a blank canvas that can go almost anywhere at any time. That means the marketing possibilities for such enormous and mobile objects is essentially endless.

At Pixel Wraps, we provide affordable, efficient, and detailed bus wraps and signs for those that are interested in transforming their bus into a handsomely decorated or branded vehicle. We can help you turn a simple mode of transportation into an attractive mobile billboard — one that will both turn heads

Benefits of Custom Bus Wrapping In NYC and NJ

There are many benefits to decorating and covering buses and other large vehicles in NYC/NJ area. For businesses such as hotels, tour companies and livery services, adding a bus wrap to your New Jersey or New York regional bus allows your vehicle to become its own low-cost, high impact advertisement for your products and services. Anyone that is anywhere in the vicinity of a wrapped bus will now be able to see your brand and gain information on what your firm has to offer. This helps them to keep your name in mind over time. Utilizing the great power of suggestion, this will greatly increase the likelihood that they will choose your company over others in the future.

For both businesses and municipal organizations — such as schools, senior centers, and public transit services — decorating a bus with its own custom graphic wrap is also a great way to build trust with those who are going to be riding on the vehicle. This is especially true with one that is a well-executed, accurate representation of your group or company culture. That means that inventive design, quality materials and professional installation all go hand in hand in order to help maximize your graphic’s impact on the public and realize both your long term and short term goals.

Students, seniors, guests, other drivers, passengers — and anyone else on the street that sees your bus arrive in an attractive, full color bus wrap — know at a glance who that bus belongs, as well as why it is on the road. This builds trust in people who are then more likely to feel confident, safe and secure as you take them to their destination.

What Options Are Available for Custom Bus Wrapping?

At Pixel Wraps, we can create custom bus and trailer wraps for any size and can make it with nearly any type of design. We create bus wraps that include, but are not limited to:

Casino Bus Wraps

Almost everywhere you look in New York and New Jersey, you can see buses bound for gaming destinations such as Resorts World, Atlantic City, Sands Bethlehem and Mohegan Sun. A well designed and installed bus wrap will not only help your passengers identify your company’s buses, but it will also make them feel like they’re arriving in style and ready to welcome lady luck for an exciting trip. Whether your passengers are travelling in order to gamble — or simply getting away to shop, dine and take in a show — you’re letting them know they’re in good hands the moment your bus pulls up to the curb.

Party Bus Wraps

We create party bus wraps in NYC that will not only familiarize people with your name but also add an air of excitement for all those who see the bus arrive. This brand recognition — as well as its association with a fun, professional and original design — inevitably lead to more goodwill with the public and ultimately a higher demand for your car, charter bus or limousine services.

Shuttle Bus Wraps

Hotels, senior centers, transit hubs, and variety of different shuttle bus companies all depend on bus wraps to advertise their business and show riders just who is arriving to pick them up — whether it’s from an event, day-trip destination, the airport, or wherever they’re staying.

School Bus Wraps

School bus wraps are a great way to help spread the name of your school, as well as ensure that students know that they are getting on the right bus. Parents and school officials will also appreciate the additional peace of mind that comes from an added layer of professionalism.

Political Bus Wraps

Activists, candidates and elected officials depend on buses in order to conduct voter registration drives, transport voters to the appropriate polling sites on Election Day, as well as travel to meet with constituents, colleagues and important donors. We provide affordable, yet highly effective, political bus wraps that can be designed with your image in mind. Our wraps can also be customized for a variety of service life lengths and they can be easily removed for resale, reuse or return at the end of your vehicle lease.

Charities, Book Mobiles, Blood Drives, and More

We also create mobile library bus wraps, semi bus wraps, event bus wraps, or any type of bus wrap that you, your company, or your organization needs in order to get its message out there and provide an additional service for riders or participants. Whether it’s a blood drive, animal adoption or literacy campaign, our wraps will help you communicate the right message and ensure your mission is a success.

Original, Innovative Designs from the Experts

For those that do not have creatives on staff that can create the wrap designs themselves, our team includes graphic artists who specialize in designing and developing all types of vehicle wraps, including bus wraps. We are more than happy to help you with any design, sketch or concept you have in mind. We also have the printing capabilities to help realize a complete design that either you or your in-house graphic department has created.

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3M Wrap Installers and Wrap Removal Specialists

At Pixel Wraps our team is trained to provide quality wrapping services at an affordable price. Not only can we install your bus wrap for you, but we can also provide temporary wrap removal, wrap re-installation and any other services that you need, in order to ensure that your bus looks exactly the way it should. We’re also more than happy to give you or your staff tips on proper cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your wrap looking as good as new.

Pixel Wraps is the leader in NYC and NJ for stunning, head-turning vehicle wraps. Our services cover New York (including the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and Westchester) as well much of New Jersey (including Edison, Trenton, Toms River, Jersey City, and beyond). For more information about our bus wrapping services, please call Pixel Wraps today at (718) 648-6500. We can’t wait to talk to you about your project. Let us demonstrate just how we can provide you with the perfect bus wrap for your business, property or organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are partial bus wraps also offered?

Yes, they are. We can not only make full wraps for you but we can also make partial wraps to cover only a partial part of your vehicle.

Do bus wraps scratch easily?

Regardless of that vinyl is a very strong and durable material, it’s still a film on the surface of the bus. So they are pretty open to scratches and scrapes.

Do you offer permanent and temporary wraps?

We sure do. We can design permanent wraps for your vehicle and we can also design temporary wraps for you so that you can easily get it changed whenever you want.

If I remove the wrap from my vehicle, will it damage the skin?

It will not. Wraps can be easily removed from the vehicle. You can do that by applying heat at one corner using a hairdryer or any other item that won’t cause fire and then peel it. But as buses are a huge vehicle, we will suggest getting them removed from professionals.

What are the bus wraps options available?

There are different types of options available. You can choose from different colors, graphics, and other customization options.

What are the sizes available for wraps?

The size of the wraps depends on the size of your vehicle. We take the size of your vehicle before designing the wrap for you so that we make sure that the wrap sits tight on your vehicle just as you imagined.

What is the advantage of wrap on paint?

Paintings take a lot of time whereas wraps can be printed in less time and can be easily installed too. They can also protect your vehicle from wear and tear and can stay for many years.