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Food Cart Wraps – Custom 3M Vinyl Food Cart Wrapping Services NYC

Throughout the bustling communities of New York and New Jersey, food carts and trucks have quickly become some of the most popular eating options for those on the go. These types of mobile restaurants are a great way to sell food without incurring the high costs required to open a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. And unlike fixed location eateries, these businesses are able to go where the customers are. They are immensely popular with consumers who love the home-cooked, casual feel and convenience that these trucks can provide.

Every food cart and truck is a brand with both a reputation and a need to communicate with the public. No one makes food the way you do. So why shouldn’t your mobile eatery have a look that’s as unique and mouth-watering as your cuisine? That is why it is so important that you decorate your cart, truck or stand with custom graphics that show who you are and what you have to offer. From color schemes that increase appetites to fun logos and images of delicious dishes, we can help you turn a simple lunch cart or late night food truck into an experience and a destination for your patrons.

At Pixel Wraps, we create custom truck wraps and graphics designed to ensure that your food cart or food truck wraps look both professional and tempting. We can help you to create a memorable impression with consumers and competitors alike.

Benefits of Custom Food Cart Wraps in NYC

At Pixel Wraps, we’re fond of the saying: “No one makes food the same way you do. Why make your food cart or food trucks look the same as everybody else’s?”
We provide custom wraps for mobile food stands of all shapes and sizes throughout New York and New Jersey. We’re able to wrap carts and trucks using our three decades of commercial sign expertise, with a complete staff of designers and installers who have helped transform restaurants throughout NYC and beyond into success stories.

We are one of the few gyro cart wrapping companies in NYC and we also specialize in taco trucks, dessert vans, as well as a host of other food-themed graphic offerings in both New York and New Jersey.

There is no vehicle or cart that we cannot wrap. Some of the many benefits of custom food truck wraps include:

Repeat Business

Any time a customer loves your food; they are going to want to visit you again. With your own unique custom signs, the customer will more easily be able to remember and find you again in the future — or mention your business to a friend.


It’s not just important for repeat customers to successfully find you. In order to grow your business new, word-of-mouth patrons need to be able to distinguish your stand from other vendors. Cart and truck wraps help ensure that customers can recommend you to others with the confidence that they’ll be able to find your cart or truck. It becomes a challenge for your customers to tell people how good your food is if they’re unsure of your business name or how to identify it — whether on a busy street or in a crowded parking lot.


Carts and trucks that have their own custom wrap are seen as higher quality, more professional and welcoming than other carts and trucks that do not. Anyone can open a hamburger stand or an empanada cart, but not everyone knows how to cook safe and delicious food. By investing in a food cart wrap, you show consumers that you are serious about the little things. This implies a concern for other particulars, including quality ingredients and hygienic food handling practices. This will help to foster a sense of trustworthiness from the public.

Identifying Your Business

Food cart wraps also act as an informative graphic which not only tells people what you are able to offer, but where you are. In the often-saturated, highly competitive retail food market of New York and New Jersey, your customers need to be able to quickly locate you in a crowd. Many office workers only get 30 minutes for lunch and late-night food patrons often want the convenience of grabbing a quick bite before heading home. Both tourists and locals that are looking for food need to be able to first see what you have to offer — often from a distance or at a quick glance from a moving vehicle — before they can choose your business.

Help Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Retail is a numbers game and food service is no different. The more people are aware of your presence, the more likely they are to give you their valuable business. Food carts and food trucks that are labeled with their own custom wraps are far more likely to win over customers than others that do not. They are also a great way to start branding yourself as more than just a food cart. Become an iconic foodie destination and fixture of the community. This helps to gain your business a head start in notoriety that will allow you to grow in the future.

That is why it is so important that you work with a food cart and food truck wrapping company in New York and New Jersey, and why so many people choose Pixel Wraps for their sign printing and installation needs. We can help your food business to not just survive but thrive.

Food Cart Graphic Design Services In NYC

At Pixel Wraps, we also know that not everybody employs a graphic designer that can create a custom food cart wrap based on the brand or image that you want to show off to customers. That is why we have a team of food cart graphic designers that are skilled at food truck vinyl decoration, as well as food cart stickers and decals which combine to help make sure that you have the perfect design to match the type of food you offer — and the unique personality that you want to give your cart.

Our graphic design team understands that you want your cart to have its own one-of-a-kind identity. A well-executed graphic acts as the face of your organization and is often your best salesperson in a competitive environment. We are more than happy to thoroughly discuss your requirements with you, and make sure that we create an original custom design that you can be proud of.

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If you have a lunch wagon, hot dog stand, taco truck, Asian night market table, food festival booth or any other type of mobile restaurant that needs its own custom sign or wrap, contact Pixel Wraps today. Our talented team of vinyl wrap, sign, and decal/sticker specialists are ready and waiting to discuss your project with you today. Together let’s ensure that your vehicle wrap is ready to help you stand out for the right reasons. Start realizing your food business’s full potential as soon as possible. For more information, please give us a call at (718) 648-6500 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any benefits of food cart wraps?

Sure there are. You can get any type of graphics printed on your wrap, it can be your menu or any other catchy graphics that will attract your customers wherever you go. It is also cost-effective and also protects your vehicle.

Can I get my business photos on my wrap?

You sure can. When you request a wrap, you can send in the graphics that you want to get printed on your wrap and we can print them for you.

Can I use my own artwork and pictures for food cart wrapping?

Sure, We can utilize your existing designs and photos, provided if they are enough of high resolution to be reproduced at the size required for your food cart wrapping.

Food Cart Wraps Help to Increase Sales or not?

Food cart wrapping adds personalization to business with brand awareness with greater visibility.

How do I maintain the wrap?

Wraps are easy to maintain, all you have to do is wash your vehicle and rub off any dust or any grease that might be there using soap solution and a soft brush and then washing it off with cold water.

My food truck is scratched. Can the wrap cover them?

We sure can. Wraps are usually a great way to cover the scratches on your vehicles but if the scratches are corroded they can damage the wrap.