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As a Brooklyn wrap company with more than 30 years in the commercial signage business, we know how vital it is to take advantage of every available piece of space — and turn it into an opportunity to advertise or market your organization to others.

The first, most important step in becoming a successful business involves establishing your brand to potential customers. Successfully advertising your services and improving the customer experience are crucial to standing out from the competition and better announcing your presence. Most businesses do that by decorating their interior walls and putting up signs on the exterior of their property.

But it is the windows of a location that often hold the most unused ad space. This represents a considerable amount of overlooked potential. By placing window graphics, vinyl decals, and window lettering on your property, you can continue to brand your business, attract more customers, and ultimately grow your company.

Benefits of Window Wraps in NYC

Benefits of Window Wraps in NYC

Window wraps also have many advantages for businesses that are hoping to grow. They are extremely memorable, helping potential customers associate an area with your company as well as what you can offer. They also do a great job of utilizing space that you already have and can be used to quickly and easily advertise sales, announcements — or any other information you think your potential clients might be interested in.

For business owners who may have thought about creating window wraps for their retail locations, Pixel Wraps is here for you. We serve not only Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, but also areas like Edison, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Newark, Patterson, Wayne, and more. Our service area also includes nearly all the rest of New Jersey, as well as suburban New York counties such as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester.

Types of Window Signs and Graphics

There are many different ways that you can decorate a window. At Pixel Wraps, we provide a variety of window graphics and window wraps in NYC and the rest of New York and New Jersey, with services that include, but are not limited to:

Custom Window Lettering

It all starts with custom window lettering. Every window should include at least the name of your business in a custom typeface or a description of the products and services available. This helps potential customers know what they can find inside of the building from a distance, as well as the best way to be directed to your property. Our original custom lettering decals can offer you the look of hand-painted letters such as gold leaf for just a small fraction of the cost.

Custom Window Decals

Window decals can also be very useful for companies that are trying to brand themselves to the public or advertise a product or service. We can create full color or black and white window decals with transparent backgrounds, and can print images to precisely match the style of your NY or NJ business. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, an image of your product or service — whether it’s a steaming hot cup of coffee, art supplies or a barber’s scissors — will communicate to others exactly what you’re selling. Our decals provide you the best of both worlds: by allowing in sunlight, as well as offering a clear view from both inside and outside of your location, they are versatile as well as attractive.

Custom Window Wraps

We also provide custom window wraps that can extend over your entire window. These are a great way to utilize the space of your window in order to attract customers while providing privacy for those on the inside. No matter the size of your window, or what specific details you want to have included in the sign, these window graphics ensure that your business receives significant amounts of attention from anyone within viewing distance in the NYC area.

3m Window Wraps and More from Pixel Wraps

We use only the highest quality materials — including industry standards such as 3M, Oracal, and Avery vinyl — and the latest latex printing equipment in order to make sure that you have the perfect wrap that will match both your window and your brand perfectly.

We also know that not every business has the staff necessary to design an original window wrap — including graphics that possesses the kind of wow factor needed to woo new customers. That is why we have a team of window wrap graphic designers in New York and New Jersey who are experienced in creating eye-catching, custom window signs of all shapes and sizes.

We want to make the process of ordering a wrap for your business as easy as possible for you. Our graphics team members will thoroughly listen to your requirements, discuss the details, and then create custom window graphics that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

3M Certified, Expert Installation That Lasts

Our team of experienced, 3M-certified professionals knows that properly installing a durable wrap or decal is more complicated than just placing a sticker on a window. From prepping a clean, debris-free surface to using the proper vinyl film to knowing whether to place a graphic on the inside or outside of the glass, we can help take the guesswork out of executing a sign for maximum impact with minimal issues. Every Pixel Wrap installer places a premium on courtesy — from not interfering with your business hours to leaving every workspace cleaner than when we found it. Our dedication is our reputation.

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Why Choose Pixel Wraps

We know that when it comes to sign shops and wrap printing companies, there are many options out there. That’s exactly why we make every effort to prove to you that when you work with Pixel Wraps, you are making the right choice for your business. We feature a variety of fast turnaround options and a team that offers quality customer service and support with you in mind.

We provide some of the top wrapping services in NYC, and would love an opportunity to show you just what we can do. For more information about our window wrap design, production and installation or to discuss specifics with one of our staff members, please give us a call today at (718) 648-6500. We can provide you with a quote on the phone, and are ready to answer any questions you may have about window wraps or any other type of other custom window sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see through the windows after the window wrap is applied on it?

Window wrap allow the people to see and doesn’t block the vision.

Can you install a window wrap over a tinted window?

Yes, window wrap can be installed on any clean window surface whether it is Tinted or transparent.

Is it easy to maintain window wrap?

The window wraps are made of vinyl and don’t require much care , it wont require waxing and other chemical washing.

What do I need do to prepare my window for wrap?

Before wrap installation we recommend you to wash it properly to get rid of dust and oil. The vehicle containing other pollutant material won’t get installation of wrap properly.

What is window wrap?

A window wrap is a large, vinyl decal that allows you to change the exterior of your window in a short amount of time. A window wrap consists of a custom design, which is developed by our professional team, then printed on adhesive vinyl and laminated, and get finally installed.

Will the wraps damage my window?

No, they don’t. If you get your wrap installed and removed from the professionals it will be a safer option as they know how to apply and remove the wraps without damaging your window.