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Custom Storefront Window Graphics Printing

With the right material, nearly every surface can become a location for the company’s promotion, and windows are no exception. A custom window wrap can be placed over the widows of your company vehicles or on the windows of your storefront. Graphics on windows put your company name or promotional information directly in front of customers and can boost sales by utilizing otherwise open space.

Pixel Wraps also offers dozens of customization choices to make window graphics a representation for your business. We can make different types of window wraps for you. Learn more about our wraps and start your custom order by contacting us today.

What Are Custom Window Wraps?

What Are Custom Window Wraps?

Window wraps are the vinyl wraps that are installed on the windows of your storefronts, offices, houses or vehicles. As the windows are the first thing that the customers notice, it is the prime real estate. They tell at a glance what your store is about and what type of products you sell.

We offer many different types of window wraps with a lot of benefits that not only help you attract your customers but also increase your sales too.

Features Of Window Graphics

Many companies use window wraps to take advantage of the space that windows provide, as it is both easily visible to customers and generally a relatively large space. Transportation providers, small business owners, retailers, and restaurants, are some of the most frequent users.

Window wraps can also be used to provide privacy, whether through the use of perforated mesh, opaque vinyl, or translucent frosted vinyl film. Offices, schools, gyms, and spas often use vinyl wraps for privacy, but will often combine their functionality with artwork for a decorative look.

  • Matte or Glossy Finish
  • Full Color Window Graphics
  • Custom, Industry Appropriate Graphics
  • Temporary Window Mesh
  • Monochrome, Pantone Color Details, and More

We create our custom designs using a CNC router to cut vinyl to the exact shape and size that you want.

Types of Custom Printed Window Graphics

All window graphics use a vinyl film material, but can be completely customized from there. We offer three types of graphics for windows which can be used on both building windows and vehicles. These types are:


They are most often used for a business logo or for artistic elements in a window display since they can be cut to any size or shape. Options include a thin border or a borderless design that blends into the window. Decals are printed on a white or clear vinyl film. They can be easily installed on your windows to attract your potential customers.


Full window graphics that entirely cover a car window, storefront, or office windows. They can be transparent, opaque, or of a perforated mesh that allows one-way viewing. For safety, those used in cars are see-through. They take full advantage of available space and are trimmed to the dimension of the window where they will be applied.


Vinyl can also be used to make custom cut letters. The letters are cut out of white, colored, or metallic vinyl using a CNC router. The automated cutting can create lettering in a variety of fonts, including ones that are custom for your business, and in the needed size. Letters are applied individually to a window.

Depending on the format and vinyl film used, window graphics are commonly used for storefront or business names, promotional graphics, contact information, and artistic pieces. With flexibility in design, however, a window wrap could be used for any business or personal use.

3M Certified Vinyl Installation

For a professional-looking wrap or decal, an installation by a 3M certified installer is important. At Pixel Wraps, we install window graphics with the “wet process” method. After cleaning the glass surface, both the vinyl and surface are dampened. This prevents the decal from immediately adhering to the glass, allowing it to be positioned. Once the location is correct, the decal is allowed to dry, and the adhesive backing cures and affixes to the window.

A decal or wrap is installed so that it is even and does not have any air bubbles trapped beneath the vinyl. When affixed properly, the wrap should be durable for five years or more and look permanent, yet also be able to be removed at any time without damage to the underlying glass.

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Choose Pixel Wraps for Vinyl Wraps

Our team at Pixel Wraps has been creating one-of-a-kind window wraps for over 30 years. In this time, we have become a leader in the industry with our knowledge of signs, innovative technologies, and services that want to help your business succeed.

Our service areas for window wraps include Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. We also travel to New Jersey and install graphics for clients in Jersey City, Elizabethtown, Linden, and more. Vehicle window wraps can be installed, removed, or maintained at our NYC-based headquarters.

We look forward to speaking with you about your project whether you’re starting from a basic idea or have a design file ready to go. Call us today at (718) 648-6500 for a quote over the phone and the information you need to begin your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see through the windows after the window wrap is applied on it?

Window wrap allow the people to see and doesn’t block the vision.

Can you install a window wrap over a tinted window?

Yes, window wrap can be installed on any clean window surface whether it is Tinted or transparent.

Is it easy to maintain window wrap?

The window wraps are made of vinyl and don’t require much care , it wont require waxing and other chemical washing.

What do I need do to prepare my window for wrap?

Before wrap installation we recommend you to wash it properly to get rid of dust and oil. The vehicle containing other pollutant material won’t get installation of wrap properly.

What is window wrap?

A window wrap is a large, vinyl decal that allows you to change the exterior of your window in a short amount of time. A window wrap consists of a custom design, which is developed by our professional team, then printed on adhesive vinyl and laminated, and get finally installed.

Will the wraps damage my window?

No, they don’t. If you get your wrap installed and removed from the professionals it will be a safer option as they know how to apply and remove the wraps without damaging your window.