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A wrap is so much more than just a two dimensional graphic. It shows customers who you are and what your business is about. The proper commercial wrap draws people in, welcomes them to your location, and gets them excited about your products and services.

The bustling streets of downtown Newark are known for their business savvy and sophistication. It’s in these highly competitive markets — featuring some of the country’s most valuable real estate — that every square inch counts when it comes to advertising your business.

Our Services

We are putting our full efforts into providing top-notch services to our Newark clients. We are making sure that they get the maximum promotional output from our wraps.

Industries We Work With

Throughout our working experience, we have worked with various firms belonging to different industries, each experience was worthwhile. Looking into our past experiences and emerging businesses in Newark City New Jersey, we love working with industries, including the following:



Try our wraps to give a tough look to your contractor truck.

truck for movie shoots

Corporate Buildings

Try our wraps on your building’s windows and walls.

wrap on the moving truck

Moving Fleet of Trucks

Try our wraps to cover your moving fleets of trucks fully or partially.

restaurant vehicle wrap

Restaurants/Food Delivery

Try our wraps to showcase your promotional offers on windows/walls. Also, you can wrap your food delivery vehicles.

manufacturers trailer


Manufacturers can try our wraps to cover their windows, walls, and vehicles.

partial wrap on grocery hauler


Try our wraps to cover walls and windows of supermarts.

full wrap for tourist buses

Tourist Busses

Try our wraps on your buses to attract tourists.

pet and vet vehicle pet and vet vehicle

Pet and Vets

Try our wraps and vinyl lettering to cover pet and vets vehicles.

Things to do in Newark

Newark is a beautiful city, full of places and activities that visitors must consider on their trip to this city. Newark has so much to offer, from taking a mellow pace to boosting your adventurous experience.

central park

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

If you are looking for a place full of entertainment, this is probably the place you should consider visiting. Here, you will find tons of entertainment items, including dance performances, comedy show, and piano concerts, etc.
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Mini Golfing

It’s probably among the best activities if you want to spend some quality time. There are various mini golf courses in Newark, and you can spend a good time there with your family and friends.
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smorgasburg brooklyn new york

Prudential Center

It is also a good attraction for tourists. Lots of events happen in this area, including sports events and concerts. It is also considered the home of the New Jersey Devils hockey team. That’s why it is also called the New Jersey Devils Area. .
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Popular Event places in Newark

There are some popular places in Newark, NJ that you must visit if you ever go to this city. These places have some great values, and people from all over the world come to visit these places.

event places 1

Experience Newark from Unique Vantage Point

Newark contains a lot of parks, theaters, and art centers, and you can get a different level of experience from this city if you consider doing the following activities:

Take photographs with cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park

See Tibetan treasures at the Newark Museum

See urban art at its best at the City Without Walls

Wander between the sculptures in Military Park

About Pixel Wraps Services in Newark

At Pixel Wraps, we believe in maximizing your branding potential. Through eye-catching custom vehicle wraps, walls wraps, windows wraps, vinyl gold leaf window lettering, versatile magnetic signs, and more — we can help spread the word about your organization, without the endless repeated payments required for radio and TV ad time. Forget about ineffective online pop-up ads which studies have shown get ignored. Here at Pixel Wraps we know through experience which strategies will bring you the most sales.

Our Experience in Newark

For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping hundreds of Newark businesses achieve greater success through an improved public persona and smart, cost-effective commercial wrapping.

There’s more to a window wrap, truck wrap, or vinyl lettering than just filling in a template on a website or app. That’s why we employ a full team of wrap design specialists who will listen to your concerns and create custom, original graphics — always with your specific location or vehicle in mind. From industry-appropriate typefaces and colors to promoting your organization’s unique personality with proven wrapping technology, Pixel Wraps can create the exact look you want at a budget-friendly price you can afford.

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