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Vehicle Wraps Services Company In Toms River

The world of vehicle vinyl application has seen rapid growth in recent years, and Pixel Wraps is proud to be at the forefront offering profound knowledge and services from the designing of large vehicle wraps to the removal of wraps, we have experts in all the Toms River areas.

We are fully insured and purpose-designed with some of the most talented and hand-pickled 3M certified installers, designers, and wrap removal experts. Trusted by a very large local client-based, we work with a variety of clientele from large to small and privately owned businesses.

Our services

If you want to reach a large audience, vehicles, windows, and wall wraps are the best promotional strategies that you can opt for. We offer vinyl lettering, magnetic wraps, bus wraps, etc. in the Toms River area. To help you get your vehicles and places wrapped, Pixel Wrap offers wraps, that include:

Industries We Work With

We have provided wrap solutions to so many industries in Toms River Township, and we’ll continue to work with other industries as well. The most common industries that we work with include:



Your contractor vehicle can be entirely or partially wrapped by us.

truck for movie shoots

Corporate Buildings

Your building’s walls and windows can be wrapped by us.

wrap on the moving truck

Moving Fleet of Trucks

We can help in partially or completely wrapping your fleet of moving trucks.

restaurant vehicle wrap

Restaurants/Food Delivery

We can help you in wrapping the windows, walls, and delivery vehicles of your restaurant.

manufacturers trailer


We can help companies with truck, window, and wall wrapping.

partial wrap on grocery hauler


We can help supermarts in wrapping their walls and windows.

full wrap for tourist buses

Tourist Busses

We can help tourist busses wrapping their buses.

pet and vet vehicle pet and vet vehicle

Pet and Vets

We can help wrapping pets and vet buses.

Things to do in Toms River

Toms River is a dream city for nature and sea view enthusiasts, as you will see both in this city. If you want to spend the best moments here, make sure to do some activities that can make your trip worth it. Some of those activities are as follows:

central park

Explore Robert J. Novins Planetarium

If you want to enjoy the wonders of space and want to see outer space, ensure to visit th Robert J. Novins Planetarium on your tour to Toms River. Moreover, you’ll be offered informational programs here.
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Sail on River Lady Cruises

River Lady Cruises are among the famous attraction points, and you can enjoy paddlewheel riverboats here. This boat can carry up to 150 passengers. Along with the sightseeing from the boat, you can enjoy a tasty meal.
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smorgasburg brooklyn new york

Spend Some Time at Ortley Beach

This is a small beach that’s even less than a square mile. However, you can have a really good time here with your friends and family. You can find many restaurants, marinas, parks, and recreational activities here.
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Popular Event places in Toms River

There are some top event places in Toms River that must be on your list while on your tour of this city. If you don’t visit these places, you will lose half the fun of your trip.

event places 1

Experience Toms River from Unique Vantage Point

There are many adventurous and fun activities in Toms River; if you experience them, you’ll definitely love your trip. You may also want to come back just to have fun again.

Have Fun at Silverton Park

Visit Ocean County Historical Museum

Play Solve the Room Game

Play Ricochet Paintball

About Pixel Wraps Services in Toms River

We have helped a lot of businesses by providing them with wrap solutions for their trucks, buses, vans, windows, and walls. We have been working in the Toms River for over 30 years, and we’ll continue to work. Our top-notch team has always done a marvelous job helping businesses attract a lot of customers.

Our Experience in Toms River

Pixel Wraps has a team of expert designers and professional installers that have been serving the Toms River market for over three decades. Our teams can provide you with professional wrap designing, installing, repairing, and removing services.

company history