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From the foot of New York County at the Battery, through the man-made canyons of Wall Street and Midtown to the rolling hills of Fort Tryon Park at its top, Manhattan businesses stand at the apex of competition — regardless of what industry or sector they’re in. As New York City’s most densely-populated borough, Manhattan proprietors know how to get the most use out of a space. That’s why savvy New York business owners use vehicle wraps — in order to both promote their brands and sell more products and services. 

We know that no two retail locations in Manhattan are alike, with each space or vehicle presenting its own unique challenges — as well as its own unique advantages. We favor a customer-centered, custom-tailored approach over cookie cutter solutions or paint-by-numbers and protocols.  We know that when it comes to commercial graphics, common wisdom doesn’t always make common sense. At Pixel Wraps both our design department and our installers see your business, property or organization as a one-of-a-kind moment: the chance to create a wrap that not only makes financial sense but stands apart as something truly special.

Our Services

From our professional design team’s original artwork to our expert installers’ knack for dealing with awkward angles and tight corners, Pixel Wraps can decorate any retail location, office, property, or vehicle with the right look at a reasonable price. We are providing wrap solutions to our Manhattan customers, and our services include:

Industries We Work With

We have experience working with lots of different industries and providing them with the best and most affordable wrapping solutions. We feel blessed working with lots of industries; the most common include:



 We give a tough look to a contractor’s truck with our vehicle wraps.

truck for movie shoots

Corporate Buildings

We can beautify the windows and walls of corporate buildings.

wrap on the moving truck

Moving Fleet of Trucks

We can cover your moving truck fleets fully or partially with our vehicle wraps.

restaurant vehicle wrap

Restaurants/Food Delivery

We can help you showcase your promotional offers on restaurant’s windows and walls with our wraps. Also, we can wrap your food delivery vehicles.

manufacturers trailer


We can help manufacturers utilizing the wraps on their vehicles, walls, and windows.

partial wrap on grocery hauler


We can help supermarts in utilizing the wraps on their windows and walls.

full wrap for tourist buses

Tourist Busses

We can apply wraps to tourism buses to attract more tourists.

pet and vet vehicle pet and vet vehicle

Pet and Vets

We can apply wraps and vinyl lettering on pets and vets vehicles.

Things to do in Manhattan

Manhattan is a densely populated city full of different cultures and histories. This city is full of life, that’s why you will enjoy every minute of your stay here. If you want to get the most out of your trip to Manhattan, you should consider doing some fun activities, such as:

central park

Empire State Building

Your tour of Manhattan is incomplete if you don’t visit the Empire State Building. This is a 102 story building full of shops, restaurants, businesses, apartments, and much more. You can spend your entire day here. Moreover, don’t forget to take pictures outside the building, as this building is famous for changing the colors of its lights.
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Times Square

It's a place full of the entire city’s vibrance and energy. This place is full of life and surrounded by a lot of entertainment and attractions. You will find a complete combo of dining, entertainment, and shopping here.
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smorgasburg brooklyn new york

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is situated very close to Times Square. It is considered among the most loveable parks. This park is spread across an area of 10 acres and is a great place to stroll, shop, and dine.
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Popular Event places in Manhattan

Manhattan is full of historic values, and there are some places that are worth visiting. While on your stay in Manhattan, ensure to never skip these places; otherwise, you’ll lose half the fun of your trip.

event places 1

Experience Manhattan from Unique Vantage Point

All the fun places in Manhattan may give you a different experience. In fact, you’ll have a different perspective on this city after having fun at these places.

Take a Ride in a Luxury JetBoat

Visit the Museum of Natural History

Enjoy Shows at Madison Square Garden

Tour Manhattan’s Chinatown

Laugh at the Iconic Comedy Cellar

About Pixel Wraps Services in Manhattan

Because of the expense of traditional ads on Time Square billboards, subways or bus stops, Pixel Wraps has pioneered the use of vehicle wraps in the urban environment. We can wrap any company vehicle, regardless of how large or small — and gain you more exposure to the millions of pedestrians pounding the pavement outside your doors every day. We use a multi-faceted approach to other window and wall wrapping— and even vinyl lettering with the look of real etched or gold leaf fonts.

Our Experience in Manhattan

We have been in the wrapping industry for three decades. From the tried and true traditional to the bleeding edge of current technology, our specialty is combining different media for an unbeatable marketing strategy that’s effective, as well as affordable — and placing these innovations within reach of organizations both large and small. Whether you operate a corner newsstand or a block-sized department store, whether it’s a small box truck or a large truck, we have a budget-friendly wrap solution for you that will help increase business from day one.

company history