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Top Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps are Getting More Popular From The Past Decade

Vehicle wraps, an increasingly popular method of graphic advertising, has everyone from industry leaders to small business owners excited.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, vinyl film vehicle wraps were still known as a niche industry. At the time many still associated adhesive vehicle graphics with bumper stickers, or at best the faux racing decals young people plastered on their souped-up sports sedans.

“Twenty years ago, nobody was wrapping cars,” stated 3M national account manager Jeff Uzbalis in a 2019 Globe and Mail article. “You could wrap a flat, straight surface of a truck or a bus, but to wrap cars was exceedingly difficult.”

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps Revolutionizing in The Advertising Industry

Since those early aughts, advances in vinyl technology — along with the invention of new, higher quality adhesives — have revolutionized the graphics industry. This has allowed the variety and number of applications for car wraps at the commercial level to grow by exponential terms that no one had previously thought possible.

Two years ago, a report by research firm Radiant Insights projected automotive wrap films to grow by 12.35% between the years 2019 and 2023. More recent findings by Grand View Research have led industry experts to expect that this trend will continue, pegging growth from 2020 to 2027 at 22.5%.

According to Market Research Future, the cast and calendared films used for car wraps held the largest market share of this growing sector, which was estimated to be worth 3.5 billion dollars as of 2018. Another report by film manufacturer 3M pointed out the huge potential for continued growth of the wrap industry. It illustrated how the market for these products remains far from saturated, by stating that as many as 46% of small businesses are not yet using vinyl film graphics for their company vehicles

Importance of Using Vehicle Wraps

This spells great news for entrepreneurs. The average small business can now stake out a highly effective position by simply becoming a relatively early adapter of vehicle wraps. Simply put, if your competition isn’t using a vinyl graphic and you do — that means your wrap will instantly become more noticeable once it hits the streets. That’s why an investment in a car or truck wrap now, rather than later, carries additional benefits.

Taking Advantage of Higher Quality and Lower Costs.

Even if your competitors are already using vehicle wraps, don’t worry. While it always sucks to be late to the game, there are added benefits to playing catch-up as well. Film graphics such as car wraps are currently being made using vinyl that’s both of a higher quality and less expensive than ever before.

In recent years, many wrap businesses such as Pixel Wraps have also streamlined their process. They’ve managed to lessen the number of labor hours required to put on a wrap by using the latest equipment, more experienced installers and increasingly efficient print methods.

This means that while your work vehicle wrap may not carry the same novelty as the guy down the street who had his done two years ago, you are still uniquely positioned. This is because yours will probably look better and cost less.

From higher resolution images to increasingly attractive, durable and inexpensive materials, there’s never been a better time to get more bang for your buck. Plus, you can use all those existing wraps out there to carry out some of your own market research.

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Doing Your Homework

Before deciding on a wrap, experts say it’s a good idea to look at other vehicle graphics you see rolling around town. Decide on your likes and dislikes, as well as what works and what doesn’t.

“The art of creating commercial graphics means taking your own influences, along with a creative vision and combing it with proven advertising media put out by an experienced wrap shop,” Jesse Anderson, a wrap designer from Virginia Beach wrote your humble blogger via email. “Look around your service area, takes notes and make it your own thing. This allows the business owner to create something original and attractive that they can be proud of and the public will love”.

At Pixel Wraps, our job is to cover the other side of that equation by using our experience and proven methods to create an effective product for you.

Where We Come In

An experienced designer-printer-installer such as Pixel Wraps can create a faithful rendering of your existing logo and official colors using the latest techniques and tools — such as the Pantone Color Matching System. Along with our talented designers and expert technicians we’ll ensure your vehicle wrap both looks great and lasts. However, our job doesn’t just end there.

Our Commitment to You

The Pixel Wraps team offers additional troubleshooting, maintenance tips and repairs as needed. In addition, we also provide a wrap removal and replacement service. Unlike many newcomers looking to make a quick profit off the latest trend, we’ve been working with vinyl sign materials since the late 1980s.

We believe in fostering long term relationships and maintaining our reputation by delivering the kind of quality and service that our clients have come to expect. We’ve always understood the importance of this groundbreaking marketing medium because we’ve been here since the beginning. Now that the latest vehicle wraps are more accessible to the average small business owner than ever before, we’re excited to put our skills to work for you.

The Bottom Line

As a business owner, we know that one of your main concerns is staying within budget. In addition to telling you how great vehicle wraps are at getting your fleet noticed and whipping up new business, we’ll also break down some of the costs associated with using car graphics below.

A matte or satin-finished full-vehicle wrap on a mid-sized sedan or sports car will cost about $3,000 up to around $4,000. That’s with all the bells and whistles on a curvy vehicle. If that’s not in your budget, a partial graphic — or a flat one on a small truck or van — can carry a significantly lower price tag. For example, combining a smaller wrap with decals or door lettering is enough to suit many business models. These hybrid vehicle graphics would cost just a fraction of what a full wrap would, while still offering a similar value.

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Obviously, you can also go ultra-high end as well — for a higher price. Want a chrome or metallic finish? That may run between $6,000 and $8,000 for a full-sized graphic. Wrapping a vintage Rolls Royce comes in at a whopping $12,000 while a Tesla Model 3 will cost approximately $4,000 to adorn with a fresh new wrap.

Paint vs Wraps

While the costs for a basic color paint job are somewhat less than a wrap, airbrushing on a matte or satin finish always costs significantly more. Once you add in logos, text, brand colors and the like, a wrap will always be less expensive than paint. Due to the relative ease of the printing and design process, a custom-designed wrap simply doesn’t tack on the same costs as a more labor intensive, branded paint job will.

And unlike a wrap, paint can’t simply be removed at the end of a vehicle lease or when it’s time to resell. One thing to always consider is that a wrap may be durable enough to last for years but it isn’t permanent. You always have the choice of reverting your car back to the factory color it came in. In many ways, a wrap offers the best of both worlds.

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