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New York Coverage Areas

Pixel Wraps has been a NYC-area wrapping business for more than 30 years. In those three decades, we’ve had the opportunity to learn the wrapping industry inside and out. We’ve stuck to time-tested materials, tools, and techniques — as well as kept abreast of the latest graphic technologies and industry-wide innovations — in order for our customers to benefit from the best of both worlds.

As far as being a wrap company goes, we believe in being more than just the sum of our parts. We’re a composition made up of seasoned professionals using cutting edge, commercial-grade facilities. Our team includes experts proficient in local New York wrap regulations, best business practices, as well as safe, quick, and efficient wrap installation. On the creative side, our design department specializes in original graphics, dazzling color schemes, and industry-appropriate lettering that will put all other wraps to shame — and place any mom and pop business on par with the big boys.

Services in New York City

We understand New York City’s businesses and their branding needs. That’s the reason we are providing the best wrapping services, as given below:

Our NYC Coverage Area

We are covering the major areas of New York. If you want us to serve you in any of those areas, feel free to reach out to us.

New York


Industries We Work With

For three decades, we have designed and installed wraps for New Yorkers. We have proudly worked with many industries. Some are given below:



We wrap their trucks to give a tough look.

truck for movie shoots

Corporate Buildings

We wrap their walls and windows.

wrap on the moving truck

Moving Fleet of Trucks

We wrap moving fleets fully/partially or with vinyl lettering.

restaurant vehicle wrap

Restaurants/Food Delivery

We wrap windows and walls of restaurants. Also, we wrap delivery vehicles.

manufacturers trailer


We wrap their offices and trucks fully/partially.

partial wrap on grocery hauler


We wrap windows and walls of supermarts in NY.

full wrap for tourist buses

Tourist Busses

We wrap tourist busses fully or partially to attract the people.

pet and vet vehicle pet and vet vehicle

Pet and Vets

We do wrapping and vinyl lettering of pets and vets buses.

Things to do in NYC

Whenever you visit New York City, there are various things you need to do before you think of leaving it. Otherwise, you will not get the most out of your trip.

central park

Central Park

It's one of the most famous parks in the world. It is said that nearly 25 million people visit this park every year. It is located in the middle of Manhattan and spreads across an area of 843 acres.
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Statue of Liberty

It's one of the most iconic monuments, located on the Hudson River. The statue’s full name is "Liberty Enlightening the World." Whenever you come to New York, don’t forget to visit it.
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smorgasburg brooklyn new york

Bronx Zoo

With over 5000 animals, it is the largest zoo in the United States. It was opened in 1899, and spread across an area of 265 acres. If you are looking for a place to have some fun, you should visit it.
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Popular Event places in NYC

New York City is full of incredible events. If you are planning to visit New York or are already there, you should consider some popular event venues here.

event places 1

Experience New York from Unique Vantage Point

Many people skip these destinations during their tour, but visiting them will give you a different kind of experience.

Try indoor skydiving at iFLY Westchester

Recover a priceless painting in 60 minutes

Balance your mind and body at Aire Ancient Baths

Take a spin on The Beast

Listen to unique concerts at candlelight

Explore the largest Star Wars exhibition in the Galaxy

Meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Museum of Natural History

Watch a famous Broadway show

About Pixel Wraps and its Services in NY

We are specialists in creating wraps and have been serving the industries of New York City with our professional and top-notch work. We have served many vehicles, walls, and windows with our high-quality wraps to cater to their branding or decorating needs. Pixel Wrap is among the top wrap manufacturers in New York, and we take care of all of your company’s needs regarding colors, material, size, and quality.

Our Experience

It’s been more than 30 years since we started our wrap manufacturing journey. We are fully aware of the companies’ needs regarding wraps, and that’s why we always come up with innovative and high-quality solutions for our customers.

company history