Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Film

Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Film

Many business promoters are still unaware of vehicle wrapping or believe it is primarily for fleet advertising purposes. Fleet Wrapping is growing trend for consumers in both individual and commercial marketing.

Today, it is significant opportunity served by vehicle wraps to run their advertisement all over the roads with least amount paid on the campaign with setting the trends in the industry. We surveyed wrap installer experts to figure out the bunch of benefits for putting truck wraps to run the successful advertisement.

Endless options of colors

The vehicle wrapping is embedded with a lot of options of texture and large graphics on it. The promoters tend to move for a better option in the finishing of colors and pattern on their fleets. Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films allow multiple customizations on this type of advertisement. On the top of that vehicle wrap industry is expanding their creativity with their designs in terms of graphic customization. The best thing about vehicle wraps advertisement it gives smooth paint-like finish in a variety of color  (SW900, Supreme Wrapping Films Color) with the option of gloss and matte appearance.

Features offered by Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films

  • Fast positioning of wrap with bubble-free appearance
  • Long lasting advertisement’
  • Available in multiple pattern and textures
  • cost effective marketing

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3 Replies
  1. People compare the Vehicle wrapping with vehicle painting. The cost can be comparable but the benefits of car wrapping are more as to painting. The painted car can be out of use for up to 2 weeks and the wrapped car or vehicle can be brought to use the same day. And the Avery Denison Wrapping Films are of high quality and they do not damage your vehicles.

  2. Avery Denison offer unlimited options for wrapping films colors. There are many finishing and Matte colors and all of them are of high quality. And there are many options of wrapping your vehicle, you can get full wraps or just the doors or windows and so forth. The Avery Denison wrapping films are available in multiple pattern and textures and is cost effective.

  3. Vehicle wraps offers you a wide range of benefits, the most popular are that they act as a protection barrier for your original vehicle paint. You can renew your vehicles with the wraps. The resale value of your vehicle is increased because the paint stays good and it protects from scratches. You can get digitally printed or textured films such as carbon fiber and brushed aluminum.

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