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Get Your Vehicles Wrapped in NJ and NYC

Welcome to Pixel Wraps, the leading source for bright, professional truck wraps for businesses, contractors, and individuals. Pixel Wraps specializes in creating high quality, customized and durable wraps for all types of vehicles.

Everywhere you look in New York and New Jersey, there are signs. There are signs that tell you where to eat, there are signs that tell you where to go, there are signs that companies use to advertise, and signs of companies use simply to let you know what’s going on in the world.

The one place and you may not always see signs, however, is a place where signs can often have the greatest possible impact. These are the signs you find on cars, trucks, buses and more. These signs go by many names, but they are most commonly called vehicle wraps a type of vinyl sign that encompasses a vehicle, and terms of sign into a rolling advertisement for the products and services of the company.

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