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Debunking The Top 10 Myths About Food Truck Wraps

There are a lot of naysayers out there that will tell you your food or fleet truck doesn’t need to be wrapped. This idea stems from the false belief that vinyl wraps are unnecessary, inferior to paint — and may even damage your vehicle, lower its resale value or break the terms of your lease.

Just as with any new technology — from the internet to digital printing and TV/radio advertising before that — these negative rumors tend to be based more on lack of knowledge than on reality.

In this blog we’ll present ten false myths about food truck wraps that can be easily dispelled — as well as point out all the sensible ways investing in a wrap can significantly help your business through years of free, 24-7 mobile advertising. These truths will also extend to other types of vehicle wraps such as delivery vans, truck and even cars.

Myths About Food Truck Wraps That You Should Know:

Myth # 1: A Wrap Will Ruin Your Food Truck’s Paint Job.


Anyone with experience in vinyl film knows that a vehicle wrap will protect your vehicle’s finish from the elements and even some superficial scratches.
The only exception would be if your paint already had rust and/or damage prior to being wrapped. Much like peeling off a band-aid might take a scab — as well as some of the surrounding hair and skin — along for the ride, removing a wrap from existing rust may result in additional paint being peeled off.

Myth # 2: Vehicle Wraps are More Expensive/ Time-Consuming Than Paint or Airbrushing.


Whether you’re talking material and labor costs — or the time it takes for design, printing and installation — a vinyl film graphic will always be significantly less expensive and take less time to complete than paint. Plus, a vehicle wrap can be easily swapped out for a different ad — without the need for a costly new paint job.

Myth # 3: You Can’t Install Wraps Over Windows.


This myth is simply a matter of semantics. No, you can’t simply put a solid, opaque vinyl wrap over your car, van or truck windows. But here’s the catch: no reputable wrap installer would ever do that.

Instead, experienced professionals such as the Pixel Wraps team will incorporate a see-through perforated wrap material into the design. This will cover all vehicle glass and can even include your rear window and windshield. The great thing about this type of wrap: it’s not only safe — allowing the driver and passengers to see out — but it also provides privacy and a contiguous graphic design by appearing solid and opaque from the outside.

Myth # 4: You Cannot Wrap A Leased Vehicle.


A wrap can easily earn its keep as an advertising medium in the time it takes for your lease to expire. This leaves you plenty of time to have it professionally removed before returning your vehicle to the dealership. We would still advise that you consult your contract or sales rep first just to make sure a wrap won’t void the terms of your lease.

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Myth # 5: Wraps are Difficult to Remove.


The truth is that most wraps will simply peel right off. At Pixel Wraps we only use industry standard vinyl film such as 3M, Avery and Oracal brands. These companies spend an exhaustive amount of time researching and developing only the most dependable, user-friendly wrap materials — including ones that can be easily removed.

At the same time, we suggest using a professional wrap installer to take off your wrap, as there can sometimes be complications — especially if the wrap has been in use for five years or more. An experienced shop should still be able to get your wrap removed in no time without leaving a trace.

Myth # 6: Vinyl Wraps Are Just Temporary and Not Worth It.


This line of reasoning assumes that vehicle wraps won’t last long and are therefore not worth the investment. The truth is that a professionally installed and properly cared for vinyl graphic can last between five and seven years. This is more than enough time to reap the rewards of what is essentially a free mobile billboard on the side of your food truck.

By simply parking in the shade whenever possible, regularly cleaning your vehicle as directed and avoiding traffic accidents most wraps will reach at least five years of age before needing to be replaced. That’s longer than many other types of graphics will last before the need for touch-ups and prohibitively expensive re-painting by hand.

Myth # 7: Anyone Can Install a Food Truck Wrap.


This myth leads many to think that getting a wrap professionally installed is the same as applying it yourself, having an entry level employee or just getting the kid down the street do it. The reality is that a DIY wrap is a bad idea unless you have the extra time, money and energy to re-install it multiple times — followed by possibly having to seek out the help of a professional anyway.

Most business owner simply don’t have this luxury. If you’re an aspiring wrap installer, you should be learning by doing — and making the inevitable rooky mistakes. But if you need your food truck wrap installed fast and done correctly the first time, please leave it to the pros. Only a reputable designer-printer-installer such as Pixel Wraps will be able to help you avoid the headaches that come with trying something for the first time.

printed food truck wrap installation

Myth # 8: Wraps Require Too Much Maintenance.


As we stated earlier, if you’re not driving your food truck through the desert, never cleaning it and leaving it parked unattended on the street overnight it will require only the most minimal care and maintenance. Trying to keep it out of direct sunlight for extended periods, using off-street parking, gently cleaning it by hand or at a brushless carwash are about all you need to ensure it last long and looks great for years.

Myth # 9: Wrapping Your Entire Fleet is Too Difficult.


At Pixel Wraps we have the capacity to wrap fleet trucks — along with single vehicles — both quickly and correctly. Our designers and project managers will collaborate with you on the best time to wrap all your food truck without taking them out of service during business hours — whether that means consecutively during off hours or concurrently during the day.

Myth # 10: Wrapping A Food Truck Is Too Time Consuming.


Many anti-wrappers will tell you that installing an entire truck wrap takes several days, which is too long to take your livelihood off the road. It is true that a large truck may take up to three days to do properly. What they won’t tell you is a new paint job can often take as long as three weeks! As we stated earlier, we’re very up front about installation times — along with the design and printing stages.

We plan with our clients to ensure we’re not taking your valuable truck off the road when you need it. This can mean installing during the off-season, weekdays or weekends. For example, a smaller truck or van can usually go in on a weekday morning — or a weekend/ evening depending on your business model — and just need to be kept at our installation facility overnight until the end of the following business day.

Learn the Truth About Vehicle Wraps – By Pixel Wraps

To find out more about how a food truck wrap can benefit your bottom line, contact the Pixel Wraps team by calling 718 648 6500, emailing hello@pixelwraps.com or by by requesting a free quote. With more than three decades of experience in the sign industry, we’re proud to offer the best vehicle wraps in the business.

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