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Tips on How to Get Attractive Window Wraps at Minimum Cost

Whether you’re an owner-operator, manager or franchisee then you understand the need to make every budget dollar stretch as far as possible. For this reason, many businesses big and small are increasingly turning to vinyl window wraps and decals to increase your business’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.
Well thought out and professionally designed window wraps can help small businesses to appear big and large businesses look local — and when it comes to adding value with minimal spending they always punch above their weight. In this blog, we’ll go over how to create window graphics for the purpose of achieving a professional look that speaks to customers without sacrificing your entire ad budget.

Large Format vs Small Format Printing and Partial vs Full Window Wraps

Large format printing means any type of signage meant to be read from a distance, whereas small format printing would include things meant to be read from close-up, such as a flyer or mailer. Even the smallest window graphic is considered large format printing.

Most window graphics are divided into one of the following categories:

  • Partial Window Wraps – are meant to cover just part of your window.
  • Full Window Wraps – as the name suggests, these wraps will provide full coverage of your entire storefront window.
  • Window Letters and Vinyl Decals – these are two other popular types of window graphics that can either resemble hand-etched letters or present more like a sticker.

Different Types of Window Graphics (With Different Costs)

Figuring out how large of a graphic your storefront will need helps to give you a better idea of the ballpark cost. Here are a few examples of the general types of window graphics, ranked from least to most expensive:

  • Basic Door Decal

At the low end of the price spectrum is the basic 15” x 18” vinyl door decal featuring your company logo, business hours and phone number. You may also want to include a slogan such as Nike’s “Just Do It” or call to action (CTA) such as “buy one get one free”. This type of vinyl decal — which is basically just a large sticker — is well within reach of even the smallest business. Think of the guy on the corner selling hot dogs.

The most expensive thing here would be the design, rather than the printing, materials or installation cost. Most likely you would have multiple copies printed. At Pixel Wraps, we can also retain your image files, enabling you to order more on demand.

  • Medium-sized Partial Wraps and Window Lettering

These graphics will fall right in the middle of the cost spectrum. Professional installation is normally recommended to ensure they are properly placed at eye level, spaced far enough away from other graphics, and straight. A partial wrap or vinyl window letter can really look professional, with options such as step and repeat logos, etched lettering, or even gold leaf.

Partial window wraps are also a great option for spaces where you need to display merchandise or allow passersby to peer into your business but still want the look of a window covering, whether it’s for marketing or privacy purposes.

When it comes to creating a more private space — or just preventing the sun from beating down on your waiting area — while still allowing people outside to see your barbershop chairs or showroom floor, these medium-sized graphics go the distance without costing a fortune.

partial window wrap

  • Full-Sized Window Wraps

The full window wrap will allow for maximum privacy, as well as for a full-window ad that people can see from a distance. These are ideal for settings that require your clients to stay completely out of street view. Medical offices, law firms, spas and daycare centers are examples of businesses that fit this model. Other businesses, such as auto parts, plumbing and hardware stores, may want to obscure cluttered looking bins of parts or shelves of merchandise.

  • Perforated Wraps and Other Options

Since even the largest wraps are relatively affordable when compared to traditional store signs, you have the option of inexpensive upgrades that will give you the best of both worlds.

One the most popular choices is the “one way” or “view thru” wrap, otherwise known as perforated media. This type of vinyl contains hundreds or thousands of tiny holes, allowing light inside your store with an opaque look that offers both advertising space and privacy from those outside.

Come summertime, perforated media also has the benefit of reducing heat, as well as the associated costs of keeping your business cool. With the cost of utilities in the NYC and New Jersey area being some of the highest in the country, a lower electric bill during the summer can mean hundreds of dollars in savings every month for larger retail spaces and offices.

Other popular options for window graphics include, etch-vinyl, lamination, as well as frosted, gold or silver-leaf letters. Contour-cuts, where letters or shapes are precisely cut out of vinyl film is another very professional-looking choice, and great for fitting your graphics into odd angles and tight corners.
As we stated earlier, one of the great things about window wraps is that even the priciest options are often just a fraction of the cost of even the most basic traditional store sign.

Hidden Savings

While you may be used to hidden costs in running your business, one of the great things about vinyl window graphics is that they can offer hidden savings. One area in which they save you both time and money is with city sign permits. A window graphic does not stick out from your building face and therefore does not normally require a sign permit.

window graphics for business

How Much Do Window Graphics Actually Cost?

While there are many factors to consider, a basic door decal with your existing logo and hours of business can run as low as $40 to design and print for a DIY installation. Larger etch-vinyl or laminated window wraps can run into the hundreds of dollars for full coverage, while oversized wraps featuring complex designs on the largest storefronts can reach over a thousand — especially when factoring in a professional site measuring and installation using specialized equipment to reach above street level. When you consider how much a traditional store sign will cost for a comparably sized space, window wraps will always be a far more budget-friendly option.


Any type of window graphic is an easy, attractive, and cost-effective way to create new signage that gets more customers in your store. Window letters can create a classic etched-glass or gold leaf look for just a fraction of the cost. Window wraps can also offer a range of added benefits, such providing you with privacy, as well as energy savings in the summer.
It’s also important to use an experienced designer-printer-installer, preferably a local sign shop that understands the ins and outs of doing business at your location and can plan accordingly.

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