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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Window Graphics for Your Business

If your retail store, office, or property has at least one window facing the outside world it is probably a good idea to use a window wrap. In this blog we will detail ten reasons about selecting window wraps.

Why choosing an attractive window graphic is always a wise decision:

Location. Location. Location

The number one reason you will need a window wrap is quite simple. Whether you are in a centrally located downtown office, retail space or a suburban lot that is accessible to nearby highways, you are already paying good money to do business where a large volume of foot and/or vehicle traffic regularly passes by. Why not get the most out of that investment by making it the center of your branding efforts?

By making those around you more familiar with your business name this will help create an imaginary bookmark in their minds. The next time someone needs the products or services your organization provides it is now more likely they will come to you first. A prime location is just the beginning of effective marketing on a human scale. Brand familiarity is the next step, ultimately with increased future business as the goal.

Let People Know You are There

Almost every storefront retail or professional office space already has a traditional store sign installed on the front of their building. Why then is it so vital to add a window graphic? As we stated above, communicating on a human scale is crucial to your success — and this is even more true in a heavily trafficked area such as a busy commercial street.

Remember you have only a few seconds to impress people walking by your front window and most of them will not be looking up. You will need to immediately let passersby know they can make a color copy, get a hot cup of coffee, the latest smart phone or a fresh new haircut. Why not do it with a smart logo and some clever ad copy? Here at Pixel Wraps we know the best way to make the best use of an otherwise empty store window is to maximize its potential as a medium for conveying important information.

Welcome Visitors

You are on your way to a yoga class or maybe getting a bite to eat. If this is the first visit to a business or location, you will want to feel welcome — or at the very least know you are using the right door. Many managers and store owners do not realize how confusing finding their spaces can be.
You come in to work every day. It comes as second nature to you that there is both a street door up front and a parking lot entrance around back. Think back to the first time you arrived. Were you so sure you could get in from the rear side of the building? By welcoming people with a familiar window wrap, they will feel more confident about coming in.

Privacy for Patrons

Using a window wrap is not only an effective way of advertising to the people outside. It is also an extremely good way to ensure your customers feel more secure indoors while sitting window-side. There are many situations when people would rather not be seen on the sidewalk. Doctor’s office waiting rooms, nail salons, spas and intimate candlelit dinners are all examples of times and places when people would be more comfortable not being ogled from the street.


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Safety for Glass

This is one reason for using a window wrap that is somewhat less obvious. By wrapping your exterior windows in vinyl film, you are strengthening the glass and thereby reducing the potential for shattering. There are several ways a storefront window might break. From theft, vandalism and civil unrest to extreme weather conditions. No matter what the reason is you will feel more secure knowing that if something does happen, your customers and employees will be safer — and there will be less of a mess to clean up in the morning.

Budget-Friendly Advertising

One of the key takeaways many business owners learn with experience is to limit unnecessary expenses. This can include overly redundant marketing. For example, why pay for billboard space while leaving your front window blank? In the logic of budget-minded advertising expenditures, the less an effective ad spot or graphic costs the more bang you will get for your buck.

Yes, some offsite advertising is usually necessary. After all, there is such a thing as being pennywise and pound foolish. However, investing in a cost-effective storefront window graphic from Pixel Wraps is a good example of smart marketing done right.

No Permit? No Problem

With more than three decades in the commercial graphics business, we are well acquainted with local sign regulation in NYC, New Jersey and beyond. One great advantage with window wraps is they almost never require a sign permit. Most store sign permits involve electric, lighted signage or graphics larger than six square feet. Without having to deal with the hassle of city bureaucracy, we can often take your window wrap from the design stage to installation in just days — rather than the weeks a traditional store sign may take to hang.

Promote Sales and Specials

Because window wraps are so easy to design, print and install by an experienced window wrap maker, they can be quickly customized and put up to promote special events, wish people a happy holiday or announce a sale. You can even have more generic messages pre-made and ready to deploy at a moments notice. Smaller graphics such as decals are even easier to place in your window, allowing the possibility of a DIY sign. At Pixel Wraps we are happy to offer tips on both hanging your printed adhesive or static cling graphic, as well as taking it down without leaving a trace.


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Complement Your Marketing Efforts

A window wrap should not be thought of as a stand-alone advertisement. It should help to embellish your other marketing and branding efforts. At Pixel Wraps, we believe in using only faithful reproductions of your business logo and use of existing slogans and/or taglines to help the viewer make an instant connection. Connect the dots between your window signage and existing digital, TV and radio ads with Pixel Wraps.

Set the Mood

No matter what product or service you are selling, it is important to put people in the proper state of mind when they enter your place of business. A good window graphic is not only an effective way to spread a message or promote a brand. There is an art to making your window wrap set the tone according to your own unique vision. We will collaborate with you on just the right color scheme, font and other design elements that embody your organization’s mission and culture.

Don’t just follow the latest trend. Make your organization the trendsetter. To learn more about creating the perfect custom window graphic with Pixel Wraps, feel free to contact our design team anytime.

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