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New Jersey Coverage Areas

A wrap says more about a business than just a name and a phone number. At a glance wrap can tell customers who you are and what you’re about. Your design choices — from the letter fonts to the colors and inclusion of other graphics, as well as the quality of your wrap materials — all speak volumes about the character of your particular store, office or property.

Whether you’re in the majestic skylands of the northwest, or the sky-scraped cities and awesome palisades of the Hudson River waterfront, on the sunny South Jersey shore, along the scenic Delaware River, or anywhere in-between — you need the right advertisement for your organization.  At Pixel Wraps we believe the best solutions to the challenges of advertising, especially in the wealthiest and most densely populated state in the country, are sitting right there in front of you. Our vehicle, window, and wall wraps are not just what we do, they’re who we are.

Services in New Jersey City

From your company vehicles to your storefront window, branding is essential in today’s crowded Garden State business environment. From its bustling downtowns to its quaint bedroom communities, the Jersey market requires effective and efficient graphics that pay for themselves through the right kind of exposure.

Our New Jersey Coverage Area

We are trying to serve our clients from various areas of New Jersey. If you want our service in one of the following areas, feel free to reach out to us.

New Jersey


Industries We Work With

For three decades, we have been creating wraps for our clients. During this long span, we have experienced working with clients from different industries. We are blessed to work with the following industries.



 Our experienced team can give a tough look to your contractor trucks.

truck for movie shoots

Corporate Buildings

We can decor your walls and windows with our wraps.

wrap on the moving truck

Moving Fleet of Trucks

We can cover your moving fleets of trucks partially or full with our graphic wraps.

restaurant vehicle wrap

Restaurants/Food Delivery

We wrap windows and walls of restaurants. Also, we wrap delivery vehicles.

manufacturers trailer


Manufacturers can cover their windows, walls, and vehicles with our wraps.

partial wrap on grocery hauler


We cover the walls and windows of supermarts with our wraps.

full wrap for tourist buses

Tourist Busses

Our wraps can help tourist buses attract more customers.

pet and vet vehicle pet and vet vehicle

Pet and Vets

We can cover pet and vets vehicles with wrapping and vinyl lettering.

Things to do in New Jersey

Whenever you are in New Jersey, don’t forget to do the following things: Otherwise, you will miss the major fun of this city.

central park

Six Flags Great Adventure/Hurricane Harbor

It's an adventurous spot that will make your day, and you are going to love every minute here. There are lots of things to do here, like a live-adventure safari and wild rides.
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Turtle Back Zoo

If you are planning to visit a place with your kids, the turtle zoo is definitely a place you should consider. This zoo is spread across 15 acres and has over 800 animals.
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smorgasburg brooklyn new york

Atlantic city

Atlantic City is considered a playground for adults. You will find a complete adventure in nightlife here. It is surrounded by tourist shops, five star restaurants, snack stands, and much more .
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Popular Event places in New Jersey

New Jersey is definitely a place worth exploring. If you want to experience New Jersey from a different angle, consider visiting some of the popular places here, where you can have a different level of fun.

event places 1

Experience New Jersey from Unique Vantage Point

New Jersey has a lot to offer its visitors. From a fun point of view, there are tons of things you can do here. We recommend you do these activities if you want to experience your New Jersey tour from a unique angle.

Experience the Underwater World in Adventure Aquarium

Explore Vintage Aircraft at NAS Wildwood

Visit the Eye-Catching Barnegat Light Museum

Play games and go on rides at Steel Pier

Ride bikes down the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Go on a wolf tour at the Lakota Wolf Preserve

Experience tornado-force winds in LSC

Go snow-tubing at Ski Campgaw

About Pixel Wraps Journey in New Jersey

For over three decades, we have worked with lots of clients and have experience working with so many industries. We have served our clients with high quality, durable, and customized vehicle, window, and wall wraps. We understand the value of a high-quality material, and we never compromise on it. That’s the reason, Pixel Wraps is counted among the top brands in New Jersey.

Our Experience in New Jersey

We have been working in New Jersey markets for over 30 years. Throughout this long journey, we have created an expert team that can provide you with the best wrapping services in town.

company history